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A loan despite maternity protection is requested by many women. He should compensate for the high costs for the new little earthlings and make important purchases possible.

But as simple as it is gladly accepted, the acceptance of a loan is unfortunately not despite maternity protection.

Why maternity protection?

Why maternity protection?

Maternity protection was introduced by law to give mothers a statutory time off from work. Only then can they prepare for the birth and then recover from it. In addition, the child’s well-being is the focus of interest in this regulation. Because especially for newborns, it is important that the mother is permanently on site and does not shine through a long absence.

In addition, maternity protection also strengthens the financial situation of women. Despite the fact that she does not work, she receives her usual income. A measure designed to ensure that pregnancy does not threaten financial loss.

Are there any obstacles to borrowing?

Are there any obstacles to borrowing?

Unfortunately it is not that easy to take out a loan despite maternity protection. The money received during maternity leave is not considered income. It is classified by the banking houses as a social benefit.

To make matters worse, that no one can say exactly how it goes after maternity protection for the young mother. Usually she will stay home and take parental leave. A fixed income is therefore not given after maternity protection.

For many banks, this is already sufficient to refuse a loan despite maternity protection. But the affected women have the opportunity to bypass various obstacles and to obtain the credit despite everything. For example, if the loan is taken before maternity leave.

Credit despite maternity protection – the admission

Credit despite maternity protection - the admission

The banks want proof of income if they are to grant a loan. If the loan is taken up shortly before maternity leave, despite maternity protection, these proofs of income still exist. It would be important, however, that it is then also an online loan. This is the only way to prevent the bank from seeing the abdomen and thus learn about the pregnancy.

Another problem is likely to be dealer credit. Traders are less interested in income than in revenue. And maternity and parental allowance, which is subsequently paid, are revenue. With a positive credit bureau, borrowing should therefore not be a problem.

The use of the Dispos brings no unexpected obstacles with it. Likewise, the regular borrowing, if this is done with the help of a guarantor. It would be important here that the guarantor is a close person, so that agreements on the loan can be taken promptly despite maternity protection.

Our tip

Our tip

With the help of our loan calculator you can look for customized loans that work even when the borrower is in maternity protection. With less information, the loan offers are displayed within seconds.

If one or more offers are of special interest, you can contact the provider directly. A simple click on the link is enough. Personal data is only exchanged with the lender. The loan calculator does not ask them. Thus, no abuse by third parties can happen.

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