10 Best Female Characters on the Nintendo DS

Despite women, like Roberta Williams who created the King’s Quest series, being an important part of video game history from the beginning, many games are primarily aimed at male gamers. For this reason, it was difficult to find games with prominent female characters, especially early in the industry.

But the Nintendo DS, which was the second best-selling game console according to by Nintendo sales figures, helped change history by introducing female characters and more nuanced protagonists to games. With excellent female characters such as Castlevania‘s Shanoa, the DS proved that women could also be the face of the industry.


Princess Peach – Super Princess Peach

The cover of Super Primcess Peach with a woman sitting on an island.

Although Princess Peach is one of the best-known female characters in video games, she is often a damsel in distress who must be rescued by Mario and Luigi. But the best-selling platform game of 2005 Super Princess Peach reversed this trope by having the player control Princess Peach as she tries to save Bowser’s plumber brothers on Vibe Island.

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Princess Peach is a kind and empathetic character who would sacrifice anything to protect her kingdom and its people. She’s sweet, graceful, and well-mannered, but she’s also strong, stubborn, and resilient. Even if she is captured or has a difficult task ahead of her, she never gives up and never surrenders.

Makoto – Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2

A screenshot of Makoto Sako from the anime Devil Survivor 2

Created as an indirect sequel to the original surviving devil, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 is a 2011 tactical JRPG that is part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise. After the deity Polaris decides to wipe out humanity, the silent teenage protagonist and his party members must use a demon summoning app on their phones to recruit demons, prevent each other’s deaths, and save the world.

One of the possible party members the protagonist encounters on his journey is Makoto Sako, who is one of the main agents of the secret organization called JP’s. Although she initially appears cold and purely professional, she is extremely compassionate and willing to help the protagonist and her friends even when she does not know them. Despite her doubts, she is a strong leader and a powerful demon summoner.

Professor Juniper – Pokémon Black and White / Black 2 and White 2

Professor Aurea Juniper at the start of Pokémon Black and White

For the first four generations, all Pokémon professors were male characters, but Generation V introduced the first female professor: Professor Aurea Juniper. During Pokemon Black and White and their consequences, she helps guide the main characters on their Pokémon journeys through the Unova region. Along with female protagonists, Hilda and Rosa, and rival character and assistant professor Bianca, Professor Juniper is one of the best female characters.

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Although she has a cheerful personality, she is serious and dedicated to her work, and she can sometimes be so stubborn in her studies of the origins of Pokémon that she rushes to her next goal without really listening to others. But she tries to be helpful whenever she can.

Xion – Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

Xion in Roxas' arms at the end of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Leading to the start of Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days is an action JRPG released in 2009. The game follows Sora’s nobody Roxas, his new friend Axel, and mysterious new member Xion as they complete tasks for Organization XIII.

Although Xion is initially completely silent, she slowly begins to open up as she befriends Roxas and Axel. She’s shown to be a strong Keyblade wielder who is incredibly shrewd and will do anything to protect her friends. In the end, she sacrifices herself so Sora can regain his memories and wake up, leading to one of the saddest cutscenes in video game history.

Trucy – Apollo Justice: Ace Lawyer

Trucy Wright introduces herself to Apollo at the start of the second case in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

One of the most underrated main titles in the ace lawyer the franchise is Apollo Justice: Ace Lawyer. Released in 2007, the game follows rookie defense attorney Apollo Justice as he defends clients and solves cases with the help of Phoenix Wright’s adopted daughter, Trucy Wright.

Although her mother was murdered, her biological father abandoned her, and Phoenix was unable to properly support them, Trucy remains a cheerful, positive, and playful teenager who always maintains an optimistic outlook. When Phoenix is ​​in trouble, she helps keep the Wright Agency afloat with her magical skills and supports him. After meeting his long-lost brother Apollo, the two quickly become one of the best sibling duos in video games, even though they don’t know they’re related.

Shiki – The world ends with you

Shiki's true face revealed in Neo: The World Ends With You

Created specifically for the unique controls on the DS, the world ends with you is a 2007 action JRPG. After their deaths, the main character, Neku Sakuraba, and several other teenagers must face off in Shibuya’s Reapers’ Game to determine not only their own fate, but Shibuya’s as well. The first person Neku meets is Shiki Misaki, who becomes his partner for the first week of the game.

Shiki is a talented seamstress who is outspoken, determined, and loyal to her friends. His kindness is the catalyst that helps Neku begin his transformation from a cynical loner to an open-minded individual. Although she initially feels inferior to her friend Eri and takes on her appearance, she eventually learns to accept herself, and her true colors are shown in the 2021 sequel. Neo: The world ends with you.

Annie – Atelier Annie: Alchemists of the island of Séra

A screenshot of Annie from the start of the game Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island

Since 1997, Workshop is an ongoing franchise that generally focuses on female characters who work in a workshop or workshop that specializes in alchemy. One of the only side games in this series to receive a North American release is the 2009 JRPG Atelier Annie: Alchemists of the island of Séra.

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The main character, Annie, is a lazy girl who only wants to marry a rich man. To deal with this, his alchemist grandfather sends him to the island of Sera to learn how to be an alchemist and participate in a large resort project. For three years, she learns the value of hard work, makes many new friends and grows into a strong and determined person.

Wing – Mega Man ZX

Wing and Giro at the start of Mega Man ZX

Released in 2006, Megaman ZX is a metroidvania that got a sequel, Advent of Mega Man ZXin 2007. Set approximately 200 years after Mega Man Zero 4, the game follows an orphaned teenage protagonist who is compatible with Biometal Model X, which allows them to transform into Mega Man. Using these abilities, they must collect the other biometals to defeat Slither Inc. President Serpent and his biometal “Model W”.

For the first time in the mega man franchise, this game allowed players to be a male or female protagonist. Although Aile has a very similar story to her male counterpart, Vent, she has her own unique characteristics. Unlike Vent, she is more understanding and merciful, and would rather talk than fight. But she becomes more ruthless in the sequel.

Blaze the Cat – Sonic Rush / Sonic Rush Adventure

Blaze the Cat in the Sonic Rush character selection screen

Before leaving Sega, Yuji Naka, the father of Sonic franchise, produces a last Sonic Title: Sonic Rush. Released in 2005, this 2.5D platformer follows both Sonic the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat as they battle Doctor Eggman and Eggman Nega who stole the Sol Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds. In 2007, the game received a sequel titled Sonic Rush Adventure.

These games introduced Blaze the Cat to the franchise, and both games allow players to control her in her own campaign. As the princess of the Sol Empire with the power of pyrokinesis, she is a powerful and regal woman who is graceful and prefers to keep her emotions in check. Gifted with a strong sense of duty, she has a fiery personality that she hides behind a stoic personality.

Shanoa – Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

The main promotional image for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Set after Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is an action platformer and one of the few Castlevania titles to feature a playable female protagonist. Because Richter Belmont’s blood was contaminated, the Belmont clan disappeared and other organizations had to find a new way to defeat Dracula.

Shanoa, a member of one such organization called the Order of Ecclesia, loses her memories and emotions after her brother Albus stops her from completing the ritual that would give her the power to defeat Dracula. As she pursues him, Shanoa learns the truth behind her intentions and the power of the Dominus Glyphs. He is a strong-willed, determined, intelligent and creative person.

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