10 best Nintendo games and watches ever


The game itself is played the same way as classic brick breakers like To burst, while Mr. Game & Watch tries to keep the ball afloat and hit the tiles by continuously spewing puffs of air. The key to success is to maintain a good pace in order to destroy as many rows as possible. Sparky Spitball plays quite simply but boasts a nice layer of depth thanks to the different colors of tiles, the red ones at the top requiring two hits to be destroyed.

Credit: Mr. Game and Dr. Watch / YouTube

3. Mario’s Bombs Away

From a purely technical point of view, Mario bombs away could be the most impressive Game & Watch system ever. The 1983 game is pretty straightforward: Mario moves bombs left to right while dodging flammable oil and enemy torches, but there’s more behind this handheld than it looks.

Mario bombs away takes place at night, which required smart hardware workarounds. Essentially, the game uses an internal backlight to operate, shining on a downward-facing LCD color screen that is then reflected using a mirror to make the action visible.

The unit is also aesthetically unique, looking more like a traditional arcade machine than a portable one. An ingenious design to date.

Credit: mamehaze / YouTube

2. Zelda

If you thought the years 1988 Zelda II was the only example of the iconic fantasy adventure series swapping a top-down view for the 2D airplane, think again. The Game & Watch version of Zelda arrived on a multiscreen system a year later, challenging our brave silent hero to fight his way through numerous rooms filled with enemies.

This game is notable for pushing the boundaries of what gamers thought was possible on a Game & Watch system, sporting a map and inventory menu on the top screen as Link battled moblins down below. The final dragon fight takes place in the upper right corner, providing a sense of scale and ambition never seen in any previous version of Game & Watch.

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