10 Nintendo DS games that actually use the touchscreen

Nintendo is a company that always prides itself on its ability to re-energize the way video games are played and their portable console, Nintendo DS, was a breakthrough in this department.

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Short for Nintendo Double Screen, one of the hallmarks of the new handheld console was the use of its touchscreen to deliver a more immersive playstyle. The use of stylus and touchscreen controls faltered throughout the life of the Nintendo DS, but it was a mechanic that was an integral part of some of the games on the console.

ten Kirby: Canvas Curse is a total stylus experience

Nintendo DS Kirby Canvas Curse

The Kirby the franchise has been very successful for Nintendo as far back as the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System and the first Game Boy. Kirby’s lovable nature and malleable physique allowed the character to experience some creative facelifts, like pinball and golf spin-offs. Kirby: the curse of the web looks at Kirby’s spherical shape and is a title fully controlled by the DS’s stylus and touchscreen. Players create Kirby’s Rolling Path and the result is a very unique, yet fulfilling DS game. Fellow DS title, Kirby’s Mass Attack also makes widespread use of the touchscreen, too.

9 Trauma center: under the knife turns the stylet into a surgical scalpel

Nintendo DS trauma center under knife surgery

The Trauma center The Atlus series fell into relative obscurity, but it was a major player on DS and Wii due to its natural incorporation of touch and motion controls. There is a wide range of simulation games, but Trauma center is a mature look at the field of medicine, health sciences and surgery. Trauma center: under the knife is another ambitious game that is played entirely via touch controls, where precision is paramount. The player has to suture wounds, repair blood vessels, remove tumors and more through fast-paced stylus gameplay.

8 WarioWare: Touched uses the DS touchscreen to evolve its wacky formula

Nintendo DS WarioWare touch micro-game

The surrealist WarioWare microgame franchise returns to center stage after Switch’s release WarioWare: unite! There were daring WarioWare experiments on the Game Boy Advance that used obscure features like the gyroscope and accelerometer, but the DS ‘ WarioWare: hit goes even further.

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One of the original Nintendo DS launch titles, WarioWare: hit makes sure to show the gameplay of the stylus and touchscreen in a way that is beneficial for the evolution of WarioWare, but also function as a prime example of the strength of the DS.

7 Elite Beat Agents is a radical rhythm game like no other

Nintendo DS Elite Beat Agents Rhythm Game

The kind of rhythm game was once a niche due to the necessary incorporation of wild devices like a dance floor or maracas. The Nintendo DS was a major breakthrough for the rhythm genre because the use of the stylus and touchscreen is so natural for fast beats. Elite combat agents is such a breath of fresh air with the way it combines the rhythmic genre with superhero storytelling where a knowledgeable team uses the music to right the wrongs. Other DS rhythm games like The rhythm paradise are also contagious, but Elite combat agents has more character.

6 Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword places touch controls on brutal action series

Games Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Fight

The Ninja gaiden The series, whether it’s the original games or the more modern update to the franchise, represent some of the toughest action titles of their genre. The games are known for their hordes of enemies and non-stop battles. The DS ‘ Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword really pushes the hardware to its limits. Dragon sword is between the events of Ninja gaiden and Ninja Gaiden II, and it adopts a very unique style of play. Dragon sword uses the stylus for every action in the game, except for blocking, which is done by pressing one of the buttons on the DS.

5 Ace Attorney series uses touch controls for courtroom breakthroughs

Games Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright Case DS

The incredibly popular As Lawyer The series was originally released on Game Boy Advance in Japan, but received a robust port for the Nintendo DS so that Western audiences could experience the series for the first time.

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Therefore, the touchscreen controls were not originally part of the Ace Avocado plan, but they integrate so well and provide a much more active style of play. The touch screen controls can be used to navigate throughout the game and the player can even shout “Objection!” “ and have the command recognized by the DS microphone.

4 The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Uses Touch Controls To Expand Link’s Skyline

The Dark Realm Legend of Zelda Spirit tracks

The The Legend of Zelda is such an important Nintendo franchise because he was able to excel as much in the handheld market as in his great adventures on home consoles. The Nintendo DS is home to some excellent and unconventional Zelda Games. The two Ghost hourglass and Spirit tracks make widespread use of the handheld’s stylus and touch controls, but it is a more mandatory component in the handheld. Spirit Tracks’ the central premise pushes the series into new territory as Link charts paths for the titular Spirit Tracks. It adds a valued strategic component to Zelda’s playability.

3 Metroid Prime Hunters remix FPS controls and play DS strength

Games Metroid Prime Hunters Attack

Metroid Prime helped rejuvenate Nintendo’s classic franchise for the GameCube and Wii by turning the series into a moody first-person shooter experience. The Nintendo DS tried to take advantage of Metroid Prime success with a multiplayer-focused game that puts Samus Aran and other prestigious space bounty hunters in battle against each other. Metroid Prime Hunters uses the touchscreen as a new way to control the player’s eyesight, as well as aiming weapons. The gameplay is a little tricky to master at first, but it becomes quite natural.

2 Nintendogs are adorable pets where touching is part of the experience

Nintendo Nintendogs Cat Duo

Nintendogs isn’t just a nice pun, but it’s an absolute home run for Nintendo for their DS handheld. Nintendogs isn’t necessarily too deep in terms of story or gameplay, but it’s extremely satisfying because a pet simulator which allows the player to raise an adorable puppy. There are many different ways to care for and play with this virtual pet, but they all make smart, personal use of the stylus and touchscreen controls. There is just something very special about touching a dog’s head on the screen and then reacting to being a pet.

1 Brain Age uses the power of touch to improve his mental powers

The reputation of the video game industry with educational content has always been very interesting. In the past, it was easy to write off these titles or berate them as cruel sort of “stuff”, but there have been more modern attempts that find much more comfortable common ground. The DS has tried to develop a number of titles for non-players, with Brain age being one of the most successful examples. The title allows for small-sized play sessions that involve exercises designed to improve mental acuity. The stylus is needed for all of these mini-games when the player is solving problems.

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