6 niche Nintendo 3DS games to check out before the eShop closes

Nintendo is controversially shutting down the 3DS and Wii U eShop in March next year, but the company will completely remove the ability to add funds to your account from August. While the Wii U had a large library of first-party games and Virtual Console titles, most of the platform’s notable games ended up with Switch ports.

Meanwhile, the 3DS has a lot of original software that will be lost after its digital front is closed. There are also 3DS-exclusive games that are delisted and only available in physical form. Over time, these titles will likely become incredibly hard to find without paying an expensive investment. With that in mind, here are a few of those games you might want to review and pick up while you still can.

Boxboy Trilogy

Picture via Nintendo

It would be remiss not to mention BoxBoy, one of the most notable digital-only releases of the 3DS and its two sequels BoxBoxBoy and Bye-Bye BoxBoy. The series was popular enough that an amiibo was released exclusively in Japan. Despite that, it feels like a lot of people aren’t familiar with this charming puzzle platformer franchise to the point where there’s another entry that’s been released on the Switch called BoxBoy + BoxGirl. You can buy all three BoxBoy games on the eShop for $4.99.

crimson veil

Picture via Nintendo

Crimson Shroud is a short but unique tabletop JRPG inspired by studio Level 5. The battlefield is reminiscent of a game of dungeons and dragons, using models as characters and rolling dice to execute your actions. The story is told similarly to a D&D session, and the game received positive reviews.

Tier 5 features a number of digital-only titles that 3DS enthusiasts recommend, including Liberation Maiden, Omasse’s Weapon Shop, and Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tale of Tokyo, all of which you can pick up for $7.99 apiece on the eShop.

Dillon’s Rolling Western Trilogy

Picture via Nintendo

Throughout the lifespan of the 3DS, Nintendo released Dillon’s Rolling Western Trilogy, a 3D adventure game that consists of exploration, tower defense, and arena combat as Dillon the Armadillo. . The trilogy consists of Dillon’s Rolling Western, Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, and Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers, which were only released on digital storefronts (at least in North American territories), so until whether they’re ported to the Switch, it’ll be gone when it’s gone. Each title is sold separately in the store for $9.99, $10.99, and $39.99, respectively.

Pocket card jockey

Picture via Nintendo

This is one of those rare times we get a game from Game Freak that isn’t Pokemon. Mixing both horse racing and solitaire, Pocket Card Jockey is a relatively simplistic yet engaging card game. The more cards you clear and get solitaire, the more energy your horse will receive, which will help you win the race. Surprisingly, Pocket Card Jockey has yet to be ported to the Nintendo Switch despite its cult following and is a digital-only title. Those interested can pick it up for just $6.99.

Project X Zone 1 + 2

Picture via Nintendo

Project X Zone is a strategic RPG crossover using Bandai Namco, Capcom and Sega characters from their iconic franchises. It was a pretty big collaboration that was successful enough to get a sequel that added Nintendo into the mix with Fire Emblem characters thrown into the mix. Both games have been reviewed pretty well, but the reason you might want to review these titles before the store closes is that they’re both delisted – once the set of the eShop will be closed, physical versions of Project X Zone will likely increase in price.

The first game is already pricey, with a new copy selling for well over $100 on the secondary market, while the sequel is still around $60.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Soul Hackers

Picture via Nintendo

Outside of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, Atlus’ JRPGs are far lesser known in an already niche genre, but Devil Summoner Soul Hackers may be something you want to look into, especially since its follow-up title Devil Summoner 2 comes out in August later this year. The game was originally released in 1997 on the Sega Saturn, but it finally made its way west in 2012 as a remake on the 3DS. Soul Hackers is also the second entry in the Devil Summoner series; the original was never released outside of Japan.

Luckily, Devil Summoner Soul Hackers is a standalone title, even though it’s part of the same series. But if you like JRPGs, this is definitely something worth looking into. It’s available on the 3DS eShop for $19.99, but if you’re looking for a physical copy, expect to pay a lot more. The game is no longer retailed, and secondary markets sell it for an average of $90.

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