8 Best Nintendo DS Games of All Time

The best-selling handheld console of all time, the Nintendo DS offers a huge range of classic titles, so we’ve picked out the best for you to play again.

The Nintendo DS is the second best-selling console of all time (the PS2 is the first), which might surprise some given that it’s a very limited handheld console. However, the more you dig into its vast library of weird and wonderful games, the more you see just how much appeal it had. It’s often said that throttling breeds creativity, and if you’ve ever wanted proof, just look at the amazingly creative original IPs the DS brought to life.

If you were born in the early to mid-2000s, this was probably the first video game console you owned as a child, and everyone has their own nostalgic memories attached to taking it to school or with a friend. Even today, there are so many great games to come back to, and once you read this list, you’ll be eager to pick it up again.

Professor Layton and the Lost Future

A wonderful franchise that might never have seen the light of day without the DS, Professor Layton’s games are all basically the same, but Lost Future just gets the edge of a really crazy story. These puzzle games are dripping with charm and the stories all have great mysteries. Some of the end game puzzles are also very difficult, you are in for a solid mental challenge.

the world ends with you

If you want creative game mechanics, look no further than The World Ends With You which forces you to manage two games at once on both screens. On top of that, he has an incredible sense of style and a great story. It’s now available on other platforms, but the experience just isn’t the same as the DS version.

The Legend of Zelda: Ghost Hourglass

Another listing on a Nintendo console, another Legend of Zelda game; this could make it the longest and most cohesive series in history. Phantom Hourglass uses all the unique features of the DS. Fight the touchscreen, microphone, and even closing and opening the screen. It even has a sequel game with Spirit Tracks, which is awesome too.



Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

This game is mostly on the list because we still don’t believe it even exists. Sonic the Hedgehog had some great DS platformers, including Sonic Rush, but it’s not a platformer. It is a complete RPG made by Bioware. Yes, it’s the same Bioware that makes Mass Effect and Dragon Age. It’s not the most complex or advanced RPG of all time, but it’s a brilliant oddity well worth a try.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Lawyer

Although the first Ace Attorney games were made for the Game Boy Advance, they didn’t make it to English regions until the DS port, and they were well worth the wait. These visual novels have more memorable characters, crazy twists, and iconic moments than almost any other series in history. You may have never played an Ace Attorney game, but you’ve almost certainly yelled “Objection!” with an exaggerated point once or twice, for that you have this game to thank.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

What’s better than an Animal Crossing game? One you can take wherever you go! Sure, that might seem normal now that we have the Nintendo Switch, but back in 2005 it was a big deal. It piled new features on the series, and it stands as a landmark game in the series’ history due to how well it sold.

Pokémon Platinum

The DS had an impressive lineup of Pokemon games. Diamond & Pearl, Heartgold & Soulsilver, Black & White and their sequels were all brilliant. It even has some of the best spin-offs like Pokemon Ranger games and Best Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games in Explorers of Time/Darkness. However, Pokemon Platinum has just taken the crown, bringing a much more streamlined version of the Sinnoh region, one of the coolest Legendary Pokemon ever, and the best version of Battle Frontier.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GL HF.

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