A new system update has been released … for Nintendo 3DS



No, your eyes are not mistaken. There is a new system update in the area of ​​Nintendo consoles, however, it is not for the Nintendo Switch. That’s right, Nintendo has rolled out a system update for the 3DS family of handhelds. The update upgrades the system firmware to version 11.14.0-46.

So what’s in the patch notes? Well, it’s the return of Nintendo’s favorite explanation for a patch!

  • Further improvements to the overall system stability and other minor tweaks have been made to improve the user experience.

The company has actually used the exact same rating for every 3DS patch since version 9.6.0-24U, which was released on March 23, 2015. That is, minus the random patch was released in December 2019. , which dealt with an issue with StreetPass. In fact, this current patch is the first since then; 11 months later.

It’s really interesting (and potentially sad) to think that there are still employees tasked with combing through the dusty wasteland that must now be the operating system of the 3DS, always looking for little bugs and security breaches all these years later.

End of an era

After fervently denying that the 3DS would be put to bed after the Switch and even the Switch Lite released, the company finally stepped forward last September to say what many already knew: Production has officially ended.

The 3DS has had a relatively long nine-year life cycle in the market, having first launched in early 2011. While the first few months of the handheld contrasted sharply with the success of its predecessor, the Original Nintendo DS, after a price drop and subsequent release. more games, the 3DS has found its voice. It even carried Nintendo’s core business for a while during the drier times of the Wii U era. As we now know, the reason is that Nintendo was busy trying to kickstart the development of the Switch. , resulting in a record delay of just under five years.

Nintendo Switch has effectively replaced the roles of the Wii U and 3DS, and Nintendo has in fact admitted that it is doing a lot better now that it should only focus on producing hardware and software for a single platform. -shape rather than both. Even with the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite last year, the company still focuses on the Switch family as a relationship rather than a divided relationship.

As Nintendo prepares its next system, it remains to be seen whether we will ever see the release of an individual home console and a handheld. Seeing as the Switch’s hybrid design has proven to be hugely successful, the 3DS could very well make history as the last great true portable system.


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