Animal Crossing Demake brings it to Nintendo Game Boy

An Animal Crossing fan has managed to create a version of Nintendo’s adorable social sandbox simulator for the original Game Boy handheld.

A animal crossing fan demake previews what Nintendo’s popular social simulator would have looked like on the Game Boy. Since its inception in 2001, animal crossing has given Nintendo fans plenty of opportunities to create and socialize, with a diverse catalog of customization tools and a host of colorful characters populating its villages and islands. After the wave of popularity generated by the huge success Animal crossing new horizonsseveral new fans got to experience what the series has to offer and made their own contribution to the franchise inside and outside of the sandbox.


A recent contribution was that of YouTuber Josh Tint, who recently showed a demo of a animal crossing demake for the original Game Boy. Stylized in the vintage Game Boy color scheme, the demo features several activities, such as digging up fossils, picking fruit, and interacting with many familiar villagers and personalities from past and present. animal crossing Games. With the classic palette, both the exterior and the homes of the animal crossing demake bears a striking resemblance to other famous Game Boy descendant titles like Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Although the demake is simply titled animal crossingseveral villagers from the series’ history make an appearance, such as Raymond from New Horizons and Molly and Zucker from new sheet. Although the demo looks quite impressive, unfortunately it is not available for download yet.

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Animal Crossing goes back in time for classic Game Boy

Interestingly, this wouldn’t be the first time that Josh Tint has attempted to undo a popular Nintendo title. Tint had already started working on a demo for a Super Mario 64 Game Boy Advance demake featuring Mario running outside Princess Peach’s castle. Unfortunately, the project had to be pulled due to a lack of space for the game’s levels. A Nintendo DS version of Super Mario 64 came out, but re-imagining the project as a GBA title would have been unique.

Demakes like Josh Tint animal crossing for Game Boy have become a thriving trend recently among tech-savvy fans. The success of FromSoftware transmitted by blood had become the recipient of a fully playable PlayStation 1 demake, while Valve’s acclaimed puzzler, Gatehas been redesigned for the Nintendo 64. Speaking of Nintendo, The The Legend of Zelda the franchise has also had a good share of demakes made by its passionate fanbase, including two different demakes for breath of the wild, one for Game Boy Advance and the other for SNES. Even the trailer for the next breath of the wild after, tears of the kingdomreceived an N64 demake.

With a lot of animal crossingJosh Tint’s earlier hit coming from handhelds, Josh Tint’s Game Boy demake feels like a loving homage to animal crossing and the roots of Nintendo’s portable heritage. While a completed demake might not contain all the bells and whistles gathered over years of progress, it’s still an intriguing concept to tackle. Let’s hope that, animal crossing fans can enjoy this new experience for themselves if the demo becomes publicly available.

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Source: Josh Tint/YouTube

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