by Dodge Club Pocket
by Dodge Club Pocket (Picture: @DodgeClubParty)

It seems another digital game has gone missing – this time it’s the 3DS eShop 2018 title, Pocket Dodge Club.

Shortly after this was discovered, James Montagna – one of the people who worked on the series (who is also a director and game designer at WayForward), explained how the game was removed from the list due of “boring contract paperwork stuff” – rather than anything “outrageous or exciting”.

The team will now “explore” the possibility of a Nintendo Switch release:

Here’s a bit more about the eShop release and a preview of the game’s mobile version (Remark: video contains flashing colors):

“Dodge Club’s underground ravers invite YOU to play in their pixel dance party. Dodge the searing fireball and electric spark in a variety of unique mini-games, each crazier than the next!”

Did you buy this game on 3DS? Would you be interested in a Switch version? Comments below.

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