[Artículo] This is what the next Nintendo console should look like

Switch has set the bar high for Nintendo’s next console. Since its launch in 2017, almost five years ago, the hybrid system of the big N kept breaking records. With more than 100 million units sold through its three models on the market, It is not estimated that the Japanese company is thinking of a successor. However, although the company reports challenge the industry life cycle, that Switch is heading into its fifth year implies that we must already have a hypothetical relay in sight. A change of generation which, for example, could improve some changes introduced with OLED.

The next Nintendo console must bet on the 60 fps as standard

Currently, nearly a hundred games on the system hit 60 frames per second. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch has a catalog that far exceeds 3,000 titles. This implies that, by applying mathematics, just over 3% of renders at 60 frames per second. Included in this listing are super mario odyssey, Bayonet 2 Where Ori and the blind forest, to name just a few examples. But other megatons like breath of nature, Metroid Dread Where Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not achieve this performance. So while your works can be enjoyed at 30 frames per second without issue, It would be nice to enjoy the catalog at 60 frames per second. Undoubtedly, the most demanding players, and even those who are less so, will appreciate the virtues of this decision.

Another must-have feature of Nintendo’s next console has to be have greater technical ability. Although Switch is able to get by with works like Eternal destiny Where The Witcher 3, its limitations have caused it to run out of options with many cross-platform titles. For example, Ring of Elden, one of the most anticipated games of 2022, will not arrive (barring a big surprise) in the hybrid. Along with this, we could cite many other examples in which, unfortunately, Switch users are moved. A console with more capabilities would imply, in addition to landing these titles natively, the improvement of future services such as cloud gaming. You know, the more power, the more games.

The search for innovation must continue

In the past, the commitment to the technical avant-garde was not on Nintendo’s side. With 64 and GameCube, for example, we’ve seen how its intention to prioritize power over gameplay hasn’t paid off. However, in the Wii, PS3 and 360 generations, the revolution of Japanese society found no rival among its peers. This situation, similar to the current one with Nintendo Switch, showed that when the big N works best is when it seeks to be different. He achieved it with Wii, he repeated it with Switch and, except surprise, he will seek it (and who knows if he will succeed) with his next console.

At this point, looking for what Nintendo can innovate with its next console is enter into theories and hypotheses without too much basis. All that glitters isn’t gold, as the hybrid can boast a few bumps too (see Nintendo Labo), but those setbacks are key to taking the right steps going forward. A priori, the biggest complaints from users relate, in addition to the technical part, to the online options of the system. Although it is paid, it leaves a lot to be desired in some respects. For example, external voice chatan illogical practice that should be eliminated in its future console.

Another of the most criticized aspects is the advantages of the service in line. Before dropping the likes, the expansion pack trailer had the dubious honor of having amassed the largest number Do not like from nintendo history. Users used this method to let the company know that for some reason they were unhappy. In the comments they break this down price, catalog selection and performance were the main reasons. Thereby, Nintendo should take note with its next console and, based on these reviews, work to improve. Few companies are as lucky as the big N, an entity with a legion of fans who, despite their lack of support for certain trends, are still at the bottom of the canyon looking for improvements.

In short, Nintendo must be clear about what it wants for its next console. If you have listened to the players, this new system will have a greater technical capacity and will bet on the valuation of the online aspects. More graphics power, increased frame rate and this touch of innovation brand of the house are some of the most requested features by the community.

And you, what would you like to see in the firm’s next console? Do you agree with our suggestions? We read you in the comments.

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