Beloved Nintendo DS game gets a re-release


Nintendo DS hardware has hosted a number of unique and stylish games, including Monster tale from developer Dreamrift and publisher Majesco Entertainment. The game came out with great reviews in 2011, but those who missed Monster tale the first time will be happy to know that the game is expected to return in 2021 on “modern gaming platforms!” As of this writing, Majesco has not offered anything more specific regarding the modern platforms that will host Monster tale, but it seems a safe bet that the title will appear on Nintendo Switch, at the very least.

For those who don’t know the game, Monster tale is a Metroidvania platform game with 2D pixel art. The game puts players in the role of Ellie and her partner Chomp. As players explore Monster World, Ellie can nurture and evolve Chomp into new forms, allowing him to grow stronger and learn new moves. Similar to other Metroidvania games, Ellie also learns additional moves during her journey, allowing her to open up new areas. Ellie was transported to Monster World from her real home, and she’s not the only one; other children have found themselves in this world, and they have dethroned the rightful rulers of the earth! Together, Ellie and Chomp must work together to stop the Kid-Kings and find a way to bring Ellie home.

(Photo: Majesco)

It’s always interesting to see games like Monster tale try a second life on modern consoles! As with other DS ports, Dreamrift will need to make some modifications to accommodate single display use; on DS, players previously used the second screen to feed and care for Chomp. Compared to other DS titles and the way they’ve used the second screen, though, it looks like this should prove to be a fairly easy feature to tweak.

For now, fans of Monster tale will have to wait patiently for more details. It’s been almost 10 years since the game debuted, and Majesco previously planned a port to Nintendo 3DS that never materialized. Fortunately, it looks like Ellie and Chomp will finally be back in the very near future!

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