Canceled Nintendo Game Boy color scheme could finally be released


A canceled Nintendo Game Boy Color game could have another chance to live thanks to an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. The game is called Infinite, and it was in development from 1999 to 2001. Unfortunately, 2001 saw the release of the Game Boy Advance system, and publishers began to be wary of spending more time and resources on games for the older platform. . Developer Affinix Software was disbanded in 2002, and the game was officially canceled as a result. However, developer Incube8 Games is now planning to complete the title in time for its 20th anniversary, and even make it available on Game Boy Color cartridges!

The Incube8 Tweet announcing the project can be found below.

Incube8 Games contains a mix of developers from the original team, as well as new members. If the Kickstarter is successful when it launches this summer, Game Boy Color cartridges will be produced by Retro Modding. Incube8 Games has a newsletter that will provide subscribers with information about the Kickstarter campaign, and subscribers will also receive “an exclusive blend of Infinitesoundtrack.”

Infinite is an 8-bit RPG with over 50 areas to explore, six heroes to control, and over 100 obtainable items. The graphics of the game seem to recall titles like The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of the Seasons. Fans of the Game Boy Color handheld console will definitely want to keep an eye out for this one; from the trailer it looks like it would have been a loud swan song for the hardware!

The end of the Game Boy Color has proved troublesome for many developers and their games. Games like Shantae those released late in the life of the system received smaller prints, making them extremely difficult to find. It is not surprising to hear Infinite was a victim of that time, but that could finally be fixed when the Kickstarter goes live later this year.

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