Castlevania Nintendo DS games deserve to be remastered


Castlevania hasn’t been in the public eye for a while, and his Nintendo DS titles would be a great way for him to make a comeback.

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Video games have truly become the kind of entertainment that crosses generations. It’s amazing to look back to the 1980s when home game consoles became more and more accessible. So much has changed and the gaming industry has learned so much from the games of this era. Some of the older series still have the chance to be very much alive. To name a few, there are Super Mario, There are THE legend of Zelda, and there is Castlevania. Castlevania is so famous and influential that he’s partly responsible for Metroidvania, a whole genre that indie games like Hollow Knights constantly develop and celebrate.

Castlevania, however, has not been celebrated as much as some of its peers and cousins ​​in recent times. 2014 was the last time Konami released a Castlevania, which is a very long time in the gaming industry. Considering the number of modern consoles that do not have Castlevania titles on them, it seems like it’s time for the franchise to make a comeback. Specifically, there is a short series of Nintendo DS Castlevania games that deserve a return. These games are among the most cutting edge titles in recent years. Castlevania history, but they remain limited to the DS. It would be great to see these updated games, potentially as a way to revive the entirety of the game. Castlevania franchise.

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The new faces of Castlevania

Nintendo DS Castlevania games are no joke. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, the first of the three, may be a sequel to a Game Boy Advance game, but it stands very firmly in its own right. Comparative reviews Dawn of sorrow To Castlevania: Symphony of the night quite often, which is a big deal. Many critics and fans agree that Symphony of the night is maybe Castlevaniathe best game and a crucial part of video game history. Dawn of sorrowThe combination of RPG and traditional platforming elements of the franchise with unique mechanics like the Magic Seal system makes it a wonderful candidate for a remaster, bringing much of the Castlevaniahistory together.

Certainly the remaster Dawn of sorrow alone would be a bit difficult since it’s a sequel. Fortunately, the other Castlevania DS games are standalone and could help Dawn of sorrow stand up if all three were remastered together. Castlevania: Portrait of the ruin is interesting for its new protagonists and exploration of portraits, but above all it is worth honoring as the first Castlevania game with cooperative multiplayer. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is also developing new RPG and online elements for Castlevania, and its protagonist Shanoa is notable for not wielding the Vampire Killer whip, a major break with the franchise’s lore.

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Come out of the grave

Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 - Dracula

This is the perfect time to Castlevania to make a comeback. Sony and Microsoft are fighting for the supremacy of next-gen consoles and would each be happy to have a big name like Castlevania under his belt. Likewise, Nintendo would be happy to add Castlevania Switch remakes, especially since DS games would likely fit well on another Nintendo console. Castlevania may not have had a new game in a while, but it got a lot of publicity when Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont were announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Their appearance surely made some Smash fans are planning to launch Castlevania.

The Castlevania the franchise must also research his identity at this time. The Castlevania: Lords of the Shadows the series from the early 2010s did not take off as Konami had hoped, which may be the reason the series fell silent. Revisiting Nintendo DS games could be a great way for Konami to revisit successful combinations of tradition and experimentation. These games could contain the kind of content that inspires Konami to create something that leads to great Castlevania to recover. No matter CastlevaniaThe future of, its passage on the Nintendo DS deserves to be celebrated. Hopefully these games will come back someday.

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