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John Carmack on Nintendo DS

Next week electronic arts ship to Orcs and Elves for the Nintendo DS, a dual-screen conversion of the mobile phone design by the game engine guru John Carmack, best known for his work at id Software such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake… and… – Review: Chill out with cool Nintendo DS games

By Marc SaltzmanGannett News Service Bounce a ball with a racket to destroy colored bricks in "Break'em All".The handheld Nintendo DS became the top-selling US video game console in June, according to independent sales figures!--endclickprintexclude-->!--===========/CAPTION=========-->!--===========CAPTION==========-->!--===========/IMAGE===========-->!--===========IMAGE============-->!--startclickprintexclude-->!--startclickprintinclude-->!--========================================================-->!--===============Paste>!--========================================================-->!-->…

Sony PSP vs. Nintendo DS

Now that the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP are on store shelves in North America, it's finally time to pit them against each other. We've had time to play around with the US version of the PSP for a few weeks now, and of course we've had a DS…