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Top tips for spotting a fake gaming console

Christmas shoppers are warned not to buy fake game consoles, as they could cause injury.

But it can be very difficult to tell the fake Nintendo DS and DS Lite apart from the real one.

A huge clue is the price, fakes are usually much cheaper than the genuine item.

But there are other things to watch out for as you can see below:

Please keep in mind that some consoles are sold used after being refurbished and may then be in another box or not have the charger, but they will not be sold as new

The box

True (pink box) and false (blue box) Nintendo DS

Counterfeits usually do not come with all the proper information and accessories, so they often come in SMALLER boxes.

Look at the two boxes in the picture.

The pink at the top is the real thing, while the smaller blue box is a fake.


Genuine Nintendo DS with content

There should be plenty of stuff inside the box, including power adapters and information booklets.

The image shows all of the things that come with the genuine item.

But if the charger wasn’t inside the box, but came in a separate envelope, it’s probably a fake.


Fake information leaflet and real information packs

See the information booklet that came with the console.

If it looks like the flyer on the left, it’s a fake.

Real Nintendo consoles come with information booklets like the one on the right.

Power charger

Real power charger

Check the power charger VERY carefully.

The safety logo must be part of the plastic.

If it is only a sticker, it is a fake and it can be dangerous.


False console on the left, real console on the right

Turn the console over. Again, the security logo should be branded into the plastic, like the pink console on the right.

If it’s just a sticker like the black console, then it’s a fake.

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