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A former LEGO designer envisioned what could one day follow the 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System with a more modern brick console.

Nintendo game consoles have changed a lot since the days of the Nintendo entertainment system, with an era of machines for the LEGO Group to go through. However, a builder decided to move on to the present day and make a LEGO Nintendo Switch Lite.

Tiago Catarino is the creator of this custom model which he describes as using mostly yellow and white bricks for the appropriate color version of the console. The scale is remarkably close to that of the real object and every button, stick and screen has been included, even the main console gadget.

The Nintendo Switch namesake comes from the fact that the device can detach the controllers on its sides and plug into a docking station to play games on the TV. While the Nintendo Switch Lite does not share this same feature, Tiago has included the ability to detach the controllers, for manufacturers wishing to change the color scheme to make it closer to their own version of the console.

The screen is designed to be blank to indicate the machine is off, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to use a variety of one-stud bricks to paint a portrait of your favorite game. You can even incorporate the piece and the exclusive prints into 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System for a reference to everyone’s favorite plumber.

71374 Nintendo Entertainment System is available now from the official online store, and you can follow the step-by-step tutorial in the video above to build your own LEGO Nintendo Switch.

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