Classic Nintendo console and games auction for $ 30,000, go to goodwill



A Goodwill representative sells a pristine Nintendo entertainment system, along with 27 games, for $ 30,000, all for charity.

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Being able to find and sell retro consoles and gaming accessories has huge potential to earn a considerable amount of money for the seller. Take the recent history of the sealed copy of THE Legend of Zelda on NES, which sold at auction for a record $ 870,000. It’s reports like this that are enough to entice any gamer to dig through their attics and basements for potentially valuable hardware and software. What’s even sweeter is the idea of ​​selling rare products Nintendo objects and donate the proceeds to charity.

This is exactly what someone from Goodwill did. In a recent report, Nichole Garcia, who is a service representative for the charity, discovered a neat Nintendo entertainment system that came with 27 games. Seeing an eye for value, Garcia decided to sell the whole thing on the Goodwill auction site. In doing so, the console and games ended up selling for the astronomical sum of $ 30,002, allegedly the highest the organization’s site has ever received. The console alone cost $ 650.

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This is also not the first time that Goodwill has participated in charity auctions based on video games. Just a few weeks ago, the organization sold a rare 1982 copy Air raid that went for $ 10,000. Perhaps the most unusual thing about this gem is that the game has a T-shaped grip and is a title known not so much for its gameplay elements, but because of its rarity, perhaps. be because it is the only game created and published by its developer, Men-A-Vision.


Gambling and charity often come together for the good of humanity. In May of this year, the British charity GamesAid raised nearly $ 85,000 for worthy causes. With retro Nintendo consoles selling in the thousands at auction, people like Garcia can really help charities like Goodwill. It shows that games are more than products that entertain millions of people. They have enormous potential to be utilized in society long after people have stopped buying them in droves.

It seems that if people get sealed Nintendo consoles or games, chances are it could be worth a lot of money. Late last year a copy of the 1988 classic Super Mario Bros 3 sold for $ 156,000, a record at the time. It may exceed what the Goodwill Articles reported, but $ 30,002 is still a huge amount, and it all goes to charity. It is a testament to the value of these things, as well as the generosity of people like Nichole Garcia.

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