Could this be the biggest Nintendo DS in the world?

If you’ve been to a McDonald’s in the past few years, you’ve probably seen their self-service kiosks that allow you to place your order without speaking to another human being. These have huge touchscreens that you tap to select your preferred form of synthesized fat. It looks like McDonald’s even built a special version for a trade show, but that’s another story. In this story, BigRig got their hands on this weird McTable and used it to build an arcade table. In their latest video, BigRig repurposed this to build what could be the biggest Nintendo DS in the world.

BigRig’s inspiration was the Huge Nintendo DS Novelty meme twitter account. Almost all of the images posted by this account are either photoshopped jokes or weird jokes, but BigRig always considered them a bit of a challenge. He decided to use this ridiculous McTable to build his own huge Nintendo DS – a real one that actually works. But the famous DS had two screens and McTable only had one, so BigRig used a suitably sized TV as the top screen, which doesn’t need touch sensitivity.

Most of BigRig’s work on this project was building the controls. These consist of a d-pad, four action buttons, two shoulder buttons, a start button, and a select button. These are of course in addition to the touchscreen (for which there is an oversized stylus). Big Rig performed the controls using a combination of 3d printed massive arcade parts and buttons he found online. The underlying mechanics of some controls, like the shoulder buttons, are questionable, but they work.

To run games, BigRig needed a Nintendo DS emulator. But the old PC used in the McTable wasn’t powerful enough for the job. So BigRig tinkered with “Frank”, which is a computer built from discarded game components. The result is something that actually works, as proven by BigRig and his friends playing the iconic workout Game that McDonald’s Japan made for the Nintendo DS.

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