Counter Strike Nintendo DS Version Created by CSGO Fan


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If you own a Nintendo DS, this news is sure to put a smile on your face. One CSGO fan has managed to create an NDS version of the incredibly popular Counter-Strike shooter, incorporating classic bomb defusing themes alongside the iconic de_dust 2 map.

This fan-created version of the classic competitive title features similar mechanics to CS, like killing enemies, respawning after a turn, or crashing and defusing the C4.

The creator of this game, ‘Fownity’ has also released gameplay footage showing roaming around the Dust 2 map. The map visuals appear to be the same as found in Counter-Strike 1.6.

The creator also revealed that gamers may be able to play the game’s offline mode with bots soon enough. Online robots may also be on the horizon.

You can take a look at the gameplay here.

While the overall textures are quite similar to CS, the gameplay mechanics and visuals are drastically different from the original Counter-Strike due to the graphical limitations of the Nintendo DS.

This NDS version of CS is still in development and it is expected that gamers will be able to play it on their handheld consoles in the near future.

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