Credit without a husband – decide on your own responsibility

A loan without a husband is in demand by many wives. They want to be able to act independently in financial matters. How such a loan works without a husband and what should be considered when recording, we have collected here.

Why without a husband?

Why without a husband?

Many women in our time are doing regular work, earning their own money and wanting independence from their husband. They do not want to be considered an “appendage”, but want to be considered an independent personality. This also applies to financial matters such as taking out a loan.

However, it often happens that wives search for a loan without a husband for a completely different reason. They do not want to present their independence. Rather, it is the case that the husband is not creditworthy. Maybe he is unemployed, has debts or is self-employed.

Then he brings anyway little good conditions for securing the loan with him. In most cases it is advisable to keep him out of the credit business, so as not to jeopardize the borrowing. For a guarantor or second co-applicant can also prove to be an obstacle. Namely, if this is not solvent.

Credit without husband – the requirements

Credit without husband - the requirements

To be able to use the loan without a husband, the wife must be solvent. It must also be able to demonstrate a good credit rating as an independent person. This means that in addition to a positive credit bureau also a fixed and highest income must be given. On top of that, she must be able to present a German bank account.

If these requirements can not be met, another person can secure the loan. It is not absolutely necessary for the husband to do this. Even if the banks and savings banks want this of course.

Credit without husband – the admission

Credit without husband - the admission

Clear conceptions of the loan amount as well as the monthly installments are desirable when borrowing. In this way, it is possible to specifically search for loan offers. In addition, it should be considered in advance, what the money from the loan should be used. Maybe an earmarked loan can be sought. He is usually on better terms and therefore works rather without a husband.

Even consumer loans are easier without taking the husband. As a general rule, the hedge of the loan increases with the loan amount and the term. Small loan amounts and short maturities require less hedge than long maturities and large loan amounts. This should be observed when recording.

A comparison creates clarity

A comparison creates clarity

There are countless loan offers that can be used. And much of these offerings are designed to be worthwhile. While praiseworthy, this does not really make it easier to find a suitable loan without a husband.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not take out the loan before making a settlement. The comparison shows the best offers and presents them clearly. Therefore, the search for the loan is shortened and a corresponding loan request can be made within a few minutes.

When comparing should be paid to the effective interest rate and the other conditions. Especially with larger loan amounts it is important that not only the interest rate is low, but also a flexible repayment is granted. Special repayments and payment pauses should be possible.

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