Elden Ring Fan Makes A Nintendo Game Boy Style Demake

Elden Ring is hands down one of the highest rated video games in recent history, and one person decides it needs a bit more of a retro look.

Two months later and much of the gaming world is still reeling from the power of FromSoftware. Ring of Elden. With its stunning visuals, already hugely successful “Soulsborn” quality, and it was created in collaboration with George RR Martin, it’s perhaps not too surprising that it became one of the highest rated in history. However, one fan decided they wanted to see what this modern action title would look like if it had a more retro look.


Going back decades in time, user shintendo uploaded a brief clip to YouTube that shows off what appears to be playing a Nintendo Game Boy. However, what it actually is is a fan “demake” of Ring of Elden, which reinvents it as a monochrome 2D game. Currently it’s just a teaser, but the developer said they hope to at least have Limgrave finished by the end of May with the possibility of expanding it to include more of the original.

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Released in 1989, the Game Boy is one of the most revolutionary handheld game consoles ever made. This gave Nintendo, which was already making waves in the industry thanks to the NES, the platform to conquer the handheld gaming market. The light gray system sold over 118 million units until it was discontinued in 2003, had many iterations such as the Game Boy Advance, and that’s where Tetris started his life. The fact that Shintendo creates its own version of Ring of Elden which suits the old handheld device shows just how much of a legacy it left in its wake.

It also shows how in vogue fan demakes are right now. There are plenty of projects from indie developers turning modern games into something that feels like they belong in a bygone era. by Lilith Bloodborne PSX is a notable example. In fact, there is also another fan demake of Ring of Eldenor at least a concept video showing what it would look like as a PS1 title rather than a PS5 or PS4 title.

As for the official game itself, fans have been dodging and smashing their way through the Lands Between since February 25, so much so that people are finishing the game at breakneck speed. Recent speedrunners have completed Ring of Elden in less than nine minutes, which shows how dedicated the running community is. As for the shintendo project, it looks like it could be an interesting take on the FromSoftware title once it finally comes out.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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