Every Nintendo console ranked from worst to best



You have to thank Nintendo for trying to make VR come true in the 90s, but even if you accept that the VR capabilities of this console were always going to be limited (even back then, much less compared to headsets Modern RVs), everything else about this device was a disaster. Its few “decent” games barely used its VR technology, and those games ambitious enough to explore that possibility were literally painful to play. It was also expensive enough to ensure that few people own one, which was really for the best.

More importantly, the Virtual Boy is the only Nintendo console that doesn’t seem to generate nostalgia beyond being a relic of a specific era. Much like the Ark of the Covenant, however, this relic could put a hole in your eye if you stare at it for too long.

12. Nintendo Wii U

Without the Virtual Boy, it would be incredibly easy to call the Wii U the worst Nintendo console ever.

Until its name, the Wii U has always been Nintendo’s half-hearted attempt to answer the question “What comes after the historic success of the Nintendo Wii?” The idea of ​​making a home console slightly more portable was a good idea (just look at the Switch), but the actual Wii U tablet was a terribly designed device that was often hard to appreciate even when you found a non-developer. -Nintendo bothering to use it properly in the first place.

Yes, the Wii U had some really amazing exclusives, but the fact that Nintendo couldn’t wait to bring most of them to the Switch really tells you everything you need to know about this console’s fundamental design failures.

Game Boy Color Material

11. Game Boy Color

Despite its place on this list, I would actually say this is the time when we start talking about Nintendo devices that were at least worth owning. In fact, you probably owned a Game Boy Color or you probably wanted to be able to convince your parents to buy one.


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