Every Nintendo game with microtransactions


In recent times, more and more game studios have fallen prey to microtransactions, and Nintendo is no exception, especially in the case of mobile games.

Microtransactions have swept the gaming world with increasing frequency, especially in the realm of mobile gaming, where it seems almost impossible to avoid. Nintendo games are no exception. The company has adopted the monetization model on several occasions, and just about every version of Nintendo’s mobile games has experienced some form of microtransaction. However, the trend is not exclusive to mobile platforms, and many Nintendo fans are concerned that the company’s future major releases will use the payment method.

Paid DLC and expansion passes have also become more common in Nintendo games in recent times, with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate receive two lists of Fighters Passes to add new characters to the game. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also included DLC after its release. There have been rumors recently that Animal Crossing: New Horizons could see an expansion pass, with players having to pay to expand their island – but so far this is unconfirmed. However, while the majority of fans are willing to pay for DLC to incorporate a significant amount of new content into the game, most are less forgiving of microtransactions, the presence of which hampers the experience of an otherwise free game in the game. eyes of many players.

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Super mario run was Nintendo’s first big mobile hit, though it’s worth noting that the title didn’t feature microtransactions. Instead, it offered a free trial with a full game purchasable for $ 10. Since then, however, Nintendo’s mobile versions have shifted more towards progressive monetization. Miitomo offered customization options to players for real money. Fire Emblem Heroes and Dr Mario World both use microtransactions to bypass timers and unlock characters. This gacha system has been widely criticized by fans, who feel it looks like a predatory cash grab – however, Nintendo has also used microtransactions in their more recent mobile RPG, Lost Dragalia. The studio even co-released a few games with microtransactions: Pokémon Coffee Blend, Pokémon Quest, and Pokémon mix all include. Despite the many examples in Nintendo’s history with microtransactions, however, there are a few titles that stand out on this topic – either because of their popularity upon release, the controversy they sparked with fans, or their notoriety. in the context of Nintendo’s gaming projects.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

A paid monthly subscription service has been introduced for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp sometime after its release, but it wasn’t the game’s first descent into monetization. Microtransactions were available early on when the game launched and may have something to do with its rapidly declining success.

Mario Kart Tour

Every Nintendo game with microtransactions

In the same way as the subscription model presented in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Mario Kart Tour includes a Gold Pass that players can pay for monthly. This unlocks the 200cc class of the game, along with a small handful of other features. Although the price of the pass is relatively low, it also doesn’t add a significant amount to the game.

Super Kirby Clash

Every Nintendo game with microtransactions

Unlike the other titles mentioned, Super Kirby Clash is not a mobile game, but rather on Nintendo Switch. The game is free to play, but offers premium currency that can be purchased with real money. It’s not the only console game from Nintendo to include microtransactions, however – Nintendo badge arcade, released for 3DS, also presented them. It remains to be seen whether the practice of monetization in console titles will become a continuing model in the future. Nintendo released.

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