Former Olympic medalist who used Nintendo DS to find child abuse footage avoids jail


A former Olympic medalist who taught children with disabilities to swim has escaped jail time despite being caught uploading child abuse footage for the second time.

Former Deputy Chief Scout Andrew Gray, who won Gold at the Special Olympics, used his Nintendo DS to find the sickening pictures without his parents knowing.

Sheriff Gregor Murray placed Gray under surveillance for a year and ordered him to do 140 hours of unpaid community work at Dundee Sheriff Court on Monday.

Andrew Gray won gold at the Special Olympics

He said: “Yours is a troubling affair. In 2016, you pleaded guilty to a similar offense. You have complied with this community penalty.

“However, you managed to offend again very soon after this period had expired and my concern was how it was done. What you did was deliberately designed to prevent your parents, who were watching your using the internet, knowing what you were doing. “

He told Gray that he would only be allowed to send him to jail for a very short period of time due to the low number of images recovered – around 30 – and the fact that he had pleaded guilty at an early stage and would be entitled to a discount.

“I am convinced – correct – that there is an alternative to detention for you,” Sheriff Murray told Gray.

The court heard that Gray’s parents were monitoring what he watched online, but were unaware that he would be able to access the internet through his Nintendo DS gaming device.

Gray had uploaded images of young children in categories A, B and C and had also visited sites including Amazon on the device in an attempt to hide what he was doing.

His lawyer told the court it would be Gray’s “preferred option” not to be sent to jail and added that a prison sentence would not solve his problems in the longer term.

Gray was also given a community sentence in 2016 after being caught with images of child sexual abuse. He was placed under surveillance for three years after being caught with hundreds of images.

Gray, who won gold in the 25-meter butterfly at the 2007 Games in Shanghai, was also ordered to perform 150 hours of unpaid labor and entered the sex offender registry for five years in 2016.

Dundee Sheriff Court was previously informed that police discovered the material after receiving confidential information.

A computer tower and an external hard drive were recovered and contained indecent pictures of children and Internet searches, including “naked toddler”.

A total of 893 images were recovered, 87 of which were at the most severe level.

Gray, from Dundee, admitted to taking or making indecent images of children at his home between March 18 and August 29, 2015.

Sheriff Alastair Brown ordered Gray to participate in a sex offender group work program and to adhere to strict conditions regarding his internet access.

The sheriff told him, “Regardless of anything else, these pictures are of real children. These things really happened to them.

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“They have been abused and the only reason for that is to provide images to people who want to watch them. By viewing them, you are helping to make the abuse happen.

“If you ever do it again, and especially if you share images with someone else, you can expect to go to jail for several years,” he warned in 2016.

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