Game Boy will be the last classic Nintendo console to receive an upgrade



In 2016, Nintendo wowed nostalgic gamers with the release of the NES Classic. The miniature console was too popular for its own good, selling out faster than stores could restock it. The success of the SNES Classic in fall 2017 proved that the retro console trend isn’t just limited to the NES. Now peripheral manufacturer Hyperkin is revamping one of Nintendo’s most iconic classic consoles before the Japanese gaming giant beat them. As Gizmodo Reports, a new and improved Game Boy is currently in development.

Hyperkin announced the gadget, tentatively named Ultra Game Boy, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It is modeled on the Game Boy Pocket and includes the same volume and contrast dials and 8-bit screen drives remember.

But they will also notice major improvements. The body is made of sturdy aluminum, which makes it more resistant to bumps and scratches in the event of a fall. Hyperkin plans to add a third dial that will allow users to adjust the backlit LCD screen, or they can turn it off completely if they want to play like they did in 1996. Other new features include a built-in battery. 6 hours, USB-C port for charging and left and right audio output connections. Listening to mono sound through a sophisticated audio system may not make a big difference to most gamers, but the update will make it easier for musicians to use the console to create chiptunes.

The biggest feature that is missing is the integrated gaming aspect offered by the NES and SNES. Because the Ultra Game Boy is from Hyperkin, not Nintendo, users will need to provide the original cartridges to play it. But if you’ve kept your game collection for 20 years, the new console may be a smart buy. It is expected to sell for under $ 100 when it hits stores as expected in late summer 2018.

[h/t Gizmodo]


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