Game Builder Garage is a new Nintendo game that lets you create games!


Apparently Super Mario Maker 2 was not enough for Nintendo, as he suddenly announced Play builder garage for Nintendo Switch with a release date of June 11, 2021. This new software allows people of all ages to create and share their own video games through “guided lessons that cover the basics of visual game programming – and none previous experience is not necessary! Cute characters called Nodon feature in the game with unique functions, and you can combine them to create unique situations in the games. “For example, you can create and move a human-like character with an analog stick just by connecting Stick Nodon with Person Nodon!” as Nintendo PR explains.

Play builder garage features an interactive lesson mode that lets you learn at your own pace based on your level of experience, and ‘checkpoints’ test your newfound knowledge by asking you to solve basic tasks. Whatever game you ultimately create, it can be shared online or via local wireless connectivity, and perhaps most interesting of all, a USB mouse is compatible with Play builder garage if you don’t want to use a controller.

While its release date is still a month away, Play builder garage is available for preorder now and sells for $ 29.99. What do you think of this wild surprise revelation?

[Source: PR]

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