How to Check Your Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Stats

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Nintendo has created a website where you can check your 3DS and Wii U stats or “memories” to see which games and genres you’ve played the most on either system. You can even create a handy graphic to share on social media if you want. The games and apps you’ve spent the most time on might just surprise you. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my three most played games on 3DS were all Pokémon games. But by far the most used app on my Wii U was Netflix.

Why was this information made available?

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Nintendo has announced that the 3DS and Wii U eShops will no longer allow purchases from March 2023. However, limitations on using the eShop on these platforms end sooner than that. Players will no longer be able to add funds to their 3DS or Wii U eShop accounts starting May 23, 2022 and these shops will no longer accept Nintendo eShop gift cards starting August 29, 2022, which is fast approaching.

So Nintendo has made it possible to view 3DS and Wii U stats as a fun send off for these gaming systems.

How to View My Nintendo 3DS & Wii U Memories Stats

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Looking at other people’s stats online, it became apparent that many of us were watching Netflix and Hulu on these devices. While Hulu is officially available on Switch, Netflix still isn’t. It just goes to show that we’d definitely be spending more time watching the streaming giant if it was available on the hybrid console.

My game preferences

Did your My Nintendo 3DS & Wii U Memories stats surprise you? I was really surprised when I saw how many hours I had spent watching Netflix on my Wii U. However, I felt pretty good that my top three games on 3DS were all Pokémon games.

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