It’s a guitar made from a fully functional Nintendo console and guitarist Rob Scallon plays Super Mario Bros. tunes on it.



The ‘Guitendo’ is real and really awesome

Although I tried to avoid Super Smash Bros. spoilers. Ultimate ahead of its launch on December 7th, one thing I couldn’t resist is the music in the game. Lately people have been uploading new Smash Bros. tracks online. Ultimate on YouTube (much of which is being zapped by Nintendo), and there are a handful of tracks that grabbed me quickly before they were finally deleted (no pun intended).

Music from games that every Smash Bros. is originated is almost as iconic as the character himself, and whether it’s the original 8-bit track or a new remix, I’m a fan. That’s why this video of someone playing on guitar several tracks from Super Mario Bros. caught my eye – oh, and did I mention that the guitar itself is made from a working NES console?

Rob scallon recently uploaded a few videos showing what the “Guitendo” – a guitar created by Echo Canyon Guitar Co. – can do. Essentially, this electric guitar has a body built from a Nintendo Entertainment System console, although the innards are actually an NES classic.

In the first video, Scallon plays the music from the first level of the Super Mario Bros. original, handling each of the level transitions as they appear. We get its rocking performance with side-by-side gameplay for the full effect.

The follow-up video shows Rob sitting down to play Guitendo while his friend is actually using the built-in console simultaneously. This is the music of Super Mario Bros. and the game Super Mario Bros. played at the same time on a guitar made from an NES.

You can buy a Guitendo yourself on Reverb, but you’ll have to pay an additional $ 200 to install a working game console inside your custom ax.

The NES guitar works as a functional NES console - Guitendo image # 1

The NES guitar works as a functional NES console - Guitendo image # 2

The NES guitar works as a functional NES console - Guitendo image # 3

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