KOTOR switch port shows how Nintendo’s console hides



The announcement of a KOTOR Switch port after the reveal of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake is a reminder of the low power of Nintendo’s console.

Among the many Nintendo Direct announcements and trailers for September 2021, it was revealed that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is being ported to Switch. Just a few weeks before, a full remake of KOTOR has been revealed for PlayStation 5 and PC. The original Knights of the Old Republic is still a fantastic game, even if it is a bit dated, but the KOTOR The pop-up announcement of the Switch port illustrates how Nintendo’s hardware lags behind the rest of the industry.

Knights of the Old Republic originally released in 2003 on the original Xbox and PC. This one and its sequel are always highly regarded, so the KOTOR the announcement of the remake generated quite a bit of enthusiasm. Today the original is playable on many devices, including iOS and Android, but news of another port in the wake of the remake teaser unfortunately sheds a less than flattering light on the Nintendo Switch. Many have high expectations for the remake, while the Switch has only just received the original.

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To be fair, the Switch doesn’t necessarily compete directly with the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S. Nintendo’s console portability is its most touted feature, and that convenience inevitably comes with a few hardware drawbacks. Most Switch owners probably don’t expect the system’s offerings to have high-end graphics, but the late addition of aging KOTOR to its library is noticeable as the rest of the industry is concerned with ray tracing and frame rates of 60 fps or higher. Having said that, the KOTOR The switch port will likely be well received by fans; it’s mostly a bad timing issue, following the hype of announcing the remake so closely.

A KOTOR switch port is actually perfect for the Nintendo console

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As much as its untimely announcement in Nintendo Direct highlights the state of the Switch’s hardware, KOTOR is a more than fitting addition to the console game collection. Knights of the Old Republic has been critically acclaimed since its release and is perhaps the most loved Star wars game ever, alongside the original Battlefront 2. The RPG developed by BioWare has dozens of hours of content and an exceptional amount of replayability, telling a compelling and dynamic story in a unique era of Star wars universe.

Beyond these qualities, however, KOTOR ‘The gameplay also lends itself particularly well to the strengths of the Switch. Combat sits somewhere between real-time and turn-based, allowing players to take a break at any time in order to set up their next actions. This, combined with lots of interactive conversations and mini-games, makes it easily digestible on a portable system. The game’s dated visuals likely won’t be as noticeable on Switch model screens, and the physical buttons and analog sticks will likely serve gamers better than the touch controls on existing smartphone and tablet ports. The Nintendo Switch is clearly far behind other notable hardware in the games industry, and the next one Knights of the Old Republic port illustrates this, but at least it’s a worthy addition to the system library.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will arrive on Nintendo Switch on November 11, 2021.

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