Logan Paul destroyed 15 resin Nintendo Game Boys and Twitter schooled him

Logan Paul likes to be at the center of controversy. He was severely reprimanded for insensitivity and lack of ethics in his videos. Now, the popular social media star is back with another video, and Twitter users aren’t happy about it. Logan can be seen immersing 15 pieces of Nintendo game consoles in epoxy resin. Before we could get over the horror of this act, he covered them in more resin. He then puts all the game boys in a metal pokemon frame. Logan uploaded the video to his Twitter account with the caption “First Epoxy Resin Project…GameBoy Colors and metal Pokémon frame made for a cute little table.”

He posted another tweet writing in the caption that the table also lights up and changes color.

The American vlogger may have found it amusing, but netizens, especially Nintendo fans, don’t seem to share the same view. One user slammed it saying they could have used all the custom shells and button replacements without any electronics. According to the user, destroying the material is a mistake on several levels.

Another user blasted the vlogger saying he could have used the games as Christmas presents.

The amount of rage and anger people felt can be gauged from this tweet. According to the user, these 15 game boys were his childhood wishes. He found the vlogger’s act disrespectful to these 15 pieces of gaming history.

A user said that Logan could have used non-functional game boys for his table. He said that now that game boys are no longer produced, what was the need to ruin them.

However, some people have adopted an easy-going attitude. This person was not at all embarrassed by the act. He wrote that why people get mad at plastic. According to him, the games are of paramount importance and they have been preserved digitally.

What do you have to say about this Logan Paul number?

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