Mass Effect Corsair: details of canceled Nintendo DS game emerge


Marc Darrah, a renowned former BioWare member for over twenty years, revealed in an interview with MinnMax that the team worked on a Mass Effect series video game for Nintendo DS, Mass Effect: Corsair. This project, which never came to fruition, was seen as an adventure to explore the galaxy as a space pirate.

“You were going to have a ship, you would be independent, more like a Han Solo character, not a Specter,” Darrah said when meeting reporter Ben Hanson. “You’d be flying, picking up cargo, exploring. Could you explore and sell this information to the Human Alliance», He develops. His creative approach was more like the Outer Rim in the Star Wars universe, with plenty of room for discovery, with less advanced territories.

“Almost all we did was start the flight controls, we didn’t really have the rest of the game ready,” he continues. “We were still figuring out how it worked from a saga point of view. It didn’t exactly match the IP, because the way FTL works in Mass Effect is a little different, ”he argues and reflects on how they could have come to fruition. “I think we could have made it work, and the reality is you can usually model an IP; if everyone is on board and excited, you can figure it out. “

Not in vain, the reason that led to the cancellation of Mass Effect: Corsair for Nintendo DS obey Economic issues. As he explains, the game would have required a more expensive than normal cartridge (with more memory); And to that, we must add that the title is expected to have a retail price of around $ 30, the standard price for Nintendo handheld titles at the time. Profit margins would have been very low.

Electronic Arts held a sales projection of approximately 50,000 copies. The project, with this premise, ended up in the memory vault.

Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah left BioWare in December 2020

Darrah embarked on a new career last December. It was Electronic Arts himself who confirmed in a statement that Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, respectively head of BioWare and executive producer of the series Dragon Age, are leaving the studio after more than 20 years of history in the company. Hudson, for his part, confirmed on June 29 that he was opening his new video game studio, Humanoid studios. It is not known what is the next installment in the professional career of the current protagonist.

Sources | MinnMax; via Gamespot


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