Mass Effect Nintendo Game Corsair Canceled Due To Daily Research Plot


Mass Effects Updates: There was a Mass Effect first-person spin-off planned for the Nintendo DS, however, due to technical and financial difficulties, it was unfortunately canceled.

BioWare’s expansive sci-fi RPG series is most popular for its main entries that follow the three-section story of Commander Shepard and the changing crew of the Normandy as they fight to save the Milky Way from danger of the Reapers.

Among the Mass Effect spinoff games were the ephemeral Mass Effect Galaxy, which is a top-down mobile shooter that tells the story of Mass Effect 2 teammates Jacob Taylor and Miranda Lawson before they met Shepard, and Mass Effect Infiltrator, which is a third-person shooter game that puts players as a Cerberus agent known as Randall Enzo in the development of Mass Effect 3 in 2012.

These titles were small in scale, but it turns out that BioWare had a much more ambitious game in the works – one that sadly wasn’t meant to be.

Former BioWare programs and executive Mark Darrah recently discovered that, according to GameSpot, EA was once working on a spin-off for the Nintendo DS. Named Mass Effect: Corsair, which was to be a first-person shooter in which players were placed in the role of “a Han Solo character, not a Specter”.

The project was scrapped due to expense, as Corsair would have needed “the most expensive cartridge available for the platform, which was explained by Darrah,” resulting in extremely low profit margins. He also noted issues with the game’s flight controls, which he said “didn’t exactly match the IP” due to how Faster-Than-Light travel in the universe works. In MinnMax’s interview with Mark Darrah on YouTube, more information could be found.

Nintendo Mass Effect game canceled

Commitment deadlines

Recently, The series has been given a new lease of life with the release of Legendary Edition, a remastered collection of the first three original games that has been developed for modern consoles.

There was also the reveal of BioWare’s return to the Milky Way galaxy in a brand new game, however, at this time very little is known about the return of famous teammate Liara Toni.

The possibility of a first-person shooter set in the franchise’s huge universe is an enthralling prospect, especially one that is committed to exploring the sordid parts of the Milky Way that have been hinted at. during Shepard’s experiment.

Plus, Mass Effect: Corsair would remain a dream because there are financial and technical issues, a brief look at what could have been for Bioware’s once-dominant sci-fi RPG franchise.

Maybe with a pretty invigorated appearance for the franchise because of Legendary Edition which could happen anyway but currently anyway happen someday, but for the moment it’s another image in which in a series that has made partially its name on the exploration of these similar situations.

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