Mining Bitcoin on the Nintendo Game Boy


Cryptocurrency mining is an energy-intensive business, with large operations accumulating high-end ASIC platforms and GPUs in a never-ending quest to world domination money. The Bitcoin Mining Game Boy [stacksmashing] is one of them. (Video, embedded below.)

The hack is relatively straightforward. The Game Boy is connected to a PC via a Raspberry Pi Pico and a level lever to manage the different voltage levels. The Game Boy runs custom software from a flash cart, which runs the SHA hash algorithm on incoming PC data and reports the results to the PC that communicates with the Bitcoin network.

[stacksmashing] does a great job of explaining the project, covering everything from Game Boy’s link port protocol to the finer points of the Bitcoin algorithm in self-explanatory details. For experienced technicians, everything you need to know to recreate the project is there. While the Game Boy handles just 0.8 hashes per second, billions of times slower than cutting-edge hardware, the project is nonetheless fun and educational, so take that into account before you shoot any hot shots in. comments below. If you are really interested in the math behind it, you can try grinding Bitcoin hashes with pen and paper.

[Thanks to Stephan for the tip!]

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