Modder turns the Pokedex toy into a working Nintendo DS Lite


When a talented modder finds an old Sinnoh Pokedex toy, he decides to make it a DS Lite in order to play Pokemon Diamond in style.


With Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny pearl in just a few months, fans of the show’s fourth generation are especially ecstatic after waiting so long for remakes. As many fans took out their copies of the originals to play in the meantime, a player with some technical flair found an old Pokedex toy he had and turned it into a fully functional DS Lite.

As Pokemon has been very successful over the years, naturally the series also made quite a few toys to entertain its players. A popular toy over the decades has been the Pokedex toy, designed to match all models of the device in the regions.

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Reddit user tomvdcr had a Sinnoh Pokedex toy made by Jaxx Pacific lying around, and with his knowledge of how to modify DS Lites into Game Boy and GBA cases, decided to give it a go. The results are simply breathtaking, as a video shows the start-up and execution of the new Pokedex DS. Pokémon Diamond without problems. The modified toy is even capable of touchscreen and volume control features. The modder even took the time to create a Game Boy Advance cartridge slot as well, showing that the custom device can even play. Pokemon Sapphire It’s okay.

Fans are impressed not only with how well the device works, but also with how it looks. The parts of the Nintendo DS Lite fit perfectly into the Pokedex case, making it an amazing and special console. Some have wondered why Nintendo hadn’t thought about it when it premiered diamond and pearl games came out, wishing the DS was officially on sale.

This begs the question of why Nintendo didn’t try to make more custom Pokemon consoles rather than standard variants like the Switch with Dialga and Palkia. Ultimately, however, this may be the best for fans, as other custom consoles might carry a higher price tag.

Regardless, the Pokedex DS Lite is a smash hit on the modder side, and for any gamer who wants to see the device made, tomvdcr said he has an Instagram under the same username with pictures of how it was built. When asked if this talented modder has any other plans, he replied that he was going to take a break from beating Sinnoh’s gyms “in style”.

Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny pearl is slated to launch for Nintendo Switch on November 19.

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