Nintendo 3DS gets first system update in almost a year



Nintendo has released its first 3DS system update in almost a year, with the latest patch improving operating system stability even further.

the Nintendo 3DS received its first update in over a year, proving that Nintendo hasn’t completely forgotten about its old portable machine. The success of the Nintendo Switch meant that the 3DS and Wii U were quickly scrapped, with the focus shifting to the newer and more popular machine.

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The 3DS hasn’t received any updates since November 2020, but that has now changed. According to OatmealDome on Twitter and an official post on Nintendo’s Japanese website, update 11.15.0-47 is now available in all regions. The patch notes mention a change in stability, but the update focuses on the native 3DS web browser app, which is likely to stop an exploit to load custom firmware. It’s no surprise that Nintendo has limited the number of similar apps on the Switch, as the system doesn’t even have access to a number of popular video streaming apps, like Netflix.

It’s not just the 3DS getting love in 2021, as the Wii U received its first update in three years in March. These systems will likely continue to receive updates, as long as fans keep trying to hack the firmware so that they can run pirated software. Such hacking was rampant in the days of the DS and Wii, so it’s clear that Nintendo is doing its best to prevent the same from happening on its later consoles.

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The update 11.15.0-47 for Nintendo 3DS is available for download now.

Sources: Nintendo, Oatmeal / Twitter

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