Nintendo 3DS has been discontinued – long live the Switch

Nintendo did (albeit indirectly) reveal that it was shutting down 3DS. Nintendo’s only console as of now is the Switch. So rest in peace, 3DS – it’s been great.

Fans noticed yesterday that Nintendo’s Japanese website listed all consoles in the 3DS family – which include the 3DS LL, 2DS, and 2DS LL – as “not in production.” The Nintendo of America site no longer has any mention of 3DS on its store or information pages. So it appears that almost 10 years after its launch in 2011, Nintendo is shutting down production of one of its most popular handhelds. While it may not have sold as well as its parent DS or its Game Boy grandparents, it also hasn’t done too badly either. It definitely did better than its stationary sibling, the Wii U.

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And although I’m sad – because the 3DS was my only handheld for years, before I had my poor little Vita – I feel like it’s about time, don’t I? The Switch has indeed taken over. The most recent sales reports place this relatively young console’s sales well ahead of at least one contemporary (the Xbox One). It’s the offspring of the best Nintendo consoles, the 3DS included, and its hybrid design has made the 3DS obsolete unless you really need to be able to stow your console in your pocket.

Now that 3DS is on the way out, I’m curious if anyone will try to create a dedicated handheld in the future. Microsoft is putting its eggs in the cloud gaming basket, which turns your phone into something of a portable gaming device. I think Sony would scoff at the idea of ​​making a PSP / Vita successor. Nintendo is the only company that still has a handheld on the market – the Switch Lite, a portable-only version of the Switch that has proven to be extremely popular.

Still, as we say goodbye to 3DS, let’s recognize that we had a great time with it. Unlike the Wii U, Nintendo hasn’t frantically ported every one of its games to the Switch, so there are still some games that remain only 3DS experiences. My favorites were Pokemon Sun and Moon, Fire Emblem Awakening, and A courageous omission. Ping me on Twitter and tell me what was yours.

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