Nintendo 3DS just received its first system update in 9 months


Nintendo 3DS has received a new system update, its first since November 2020.

Version 11.15.0-47 is now available, and according to Nintendo’s patch notes, it brings little more than “improvements to the stability and usability of the system,” a phrase that Nintendo often uses during the game. minor system updates.

Data miner OatmealDome investigated further and said that the fix appears to have updated the recovery mode of the handheld.

He also allegedly updated the internet browser, which OatmealDome said could be an attempt to fix an exploit.

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This system update is the first since update 11.14.0-46, which went live on November 16, 2020, approximately nine months ago. It also simply claimed to provide better system stability.

Prior to that, version 11.13.0-45, released in December 2019, fixed an issue where StreetPass did not work in some cases.

It would take six years back to March 23, 2015 for the last major system update that did more than improve system stability. This allowed users to save home menu layouts, enhance the theme store, and add an Amiibo settings option for some 3DS models.

Nintendo 3DS just received its first system update in 9 months
The last major update of the 3DS system dates back to 2015

Nintendo officially discontinued all models of the 3DS in September of last year, confirming that production ended earlier in the year with all the attention focused on the Switch.

According to Nintendo’s financial reports, 3DS had sold 75.08 million units worldwide by the end of March 2019, but that number had only reached 75.77 million by the end of March 2020.

In March of this year, Nintendo Japan officially stopped repairing broken 3DS and 3DS XL units, three weeks ahead of schedule. The company has announced that it is already running out of parts to fix systems, so it can no longer repair handhelds.

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