Nintendo 3DS randomly gets a new system update



Almost a year after the last update, Nintendo is releasing a surprising system update for the 3DS that focuses on a number of improvements, including stability.

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The Nintendo 3DS has been around for over a decade. Although it has grown into a hugely successful console with over 75 million units sold, Nintendo has since moved on to other consoles such as the Switch. Or so it would seem. Surprisingly, almost 9 months after its last update, Nintendo released a new system update for the Nintendo 3DS.

This news comes from OatmealDome on Twitter, known for its leaks and data mining. According to the Tweet, this latest handheld patch updates the system to version 11.15.0-47 and is believed to increase stability. The previous Nintendo 3DS update in November 2020 was also aimed at improving system stability. Additionally, the update appears to be focused on the device’s internet browser, with OatmealDome suggesting that the update could be about “possibly fixing an exploit.”

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There is no doubt that the 3DS has an impressive lineup of titles such as Super Mario 3D Land, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and Mario kart 7 to only cite a few. With so many great games available, it’s no surprise that the system has managed to become popular since its launch in 2011. Chances are there are still people playing games on the computer. handheld in 2021. However, according to the patch notes, this system update appears to apply primarily to those who use the device to browse the Internet.

The question regarding this recent Nintendo update is whether anyone still cares about the system. Recently, a Reddit user named itsmefizzy arrived empty-handed after trying to find other users through the 3DS communication feature called StreetPass. While this lack of involvement from 3DS owners may disappoint some, it should come as no surprise when you consider Nintendo’s focus on the equally successful Switch, another console capable of handheld gaming.

Nintendo has been phasing out the dual-screen console for some time now. They announced in 2020 that they were phasing out Nintendo 3DS, while in the year leading up to this news, the system had hardly seen any new game releases. The peculiarity of this new system update has caused some people on Twitter to wonder if this update specifically targeting browser stability could have anything to do with removing credit card support for the system. eShop 3DS coming in 2022. Although no one knows for sure, maybe this system update is an attempt to increase the stability of the handheld to prevent hackers from trying to play with online console services.

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