Nintendo 3DS released 10 years ago today in North America



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March 27, 2011 Nintendo released the 3DS, its portable successor to the very successful Nintendo DS. He has since sold 70 million units around the world and has released a host of great games over the past decade.

I was lucky enough to catch a 3DS when it was launched. While console shortages were a thing in 2011, it was nothing like today. Here is what I mean: My dad and I went to a store, maybe Walmart, on a whim, about a week after the release of 3DS. we did not check online or call ahead. And when we got there, we found four or five 3DS consoles behind some plexiglass, sitting around, waiting to be bought. Can you imagine this today? I do not see myself walk into a store a week or even a month after a big console release and find some just in 2021.

Once I got the 3Ds I played a lot of Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D because i’m a big idiot and i love resident Evil Games. I was also excited to play Revelations. The other memory I have of 3DS at launch was playing with cards and AR games. No more than a few days, but it was fun and it was good to show people.

The 3DS is the last Nintendo console I bought at launch. (Although if this Switch 4k is not too expensive, I could buy a Nintendo console again on the first day. We will see..) While it is away from my favorite console, I still fondly remember my time with it. I even liked the 3D features. I left this slider on because it looked cool.

What memories do you have of Nintendo 3DS? And who else played that Revelations demo in the 3D Mercenaries more than once?


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