Nintendo 3DS System Update 11.14.0-46 Now Available

Nintendo may have officially ditched the 3DS, but it has another system update to offer retired handheld users.

Internet gamers are still mourning the passing of the Nintendo 3DS after nine years of solid handheld gaming experiences, but it turns out Nintendo isn’t quite done with it yet. Two months after the company officially discontinued the entire 3DS line, it dropped an all-new system update for the dual-screen handheld.

As of this week, System Update 11.14.0-46 is available for download on all 3DS, New 3DS, 2DS and New 2DS devices. In keeping with previous Nintendo system updates, the new update is quite vague on what exactly it changes, with its patch notes simply stating that it provides “further improvements to overall system stability”. and “other minor tweaks…to improve the user.” live.”


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Even so, 3DS owners will appreciate any added stability before it’s retired for good. Although production may be over, Nintendo has confirmed that it will continue to provide online support for the 3DS, meaning users will be able to continue playing online with friends and purchasing games on the eShop for the “foreseeable future”.

With over 75 million units sold over its lifetime and a huge library including some of the best games of the last decade, the 3DS was a huge success for Nintendo, one that led the company through a rough patch with the Wii U and into the success it’s now having with the Switch. Now that the Switch has merged Nintendo’s home console and handheld companies into one, fans may never see another dedicated handheld like the 3DS again. If that were to be the case, then at least Nintendo ended its famous handheld history on a high note.

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Source: Nintendo Support

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