Nintendo 3DS was nowhere to be found during E3 2018


Nintendo has been working hard at E3 for the past two years, kicking off with a special Direct presentation that leads directly to three days of live streaming. These Treehouse livestreams, as Nintendo calls them, run all day long, giving the company plenty of time to delve into previously announced titles and even reveal a few new ones. Unfortunately, throughout Nintendo’s presentation at E3 2018 this year, the 3DS was truly nowhere to be found.

E3 2018 is an exciting time for gamers, and as you might expect, one of the best places to see that excitement is Reddit. The conversation subtitles on the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch were filled with talk of the new games this week. The 3DS subreddit, on the other hand, has been a fairly quiet place throughout the week, except for one thread lamenting that Nintendo didn’t make any new 3DS announcements during E3 2018.

While Nintendo didn’t confirm anything upfront, it certainly looks like it’s starting to focus on 3DS, and the handheld’s absence at E3 confirms that notion. Two of the biggest 3DS franchises – Pokemon and Fire emblem – are migrating to the Switch in the near future, with the main games of both series launching on the console next year. The 3DS has an excellent catalog, but Pokemon in particular was his system vendor. For many people, this was the reason for owning a 3DS in the first place.

Of course, if Nintendo is moving away from 3DS, it’s hard to blame it. The 3DS came out seven years ago, which means it’s getting older. It’s true that the original Game Boy and Nintendo DS both had production runs that lasted over 10 years, but on the other hand, these handhelds didn’t have that internal competition of a console. portable like the 3DS. .

Even though Nintendo keeps its cards close to its chest, it’s hard to deny that the 3DS is heading into its sunset phase. There are a few proprietary titles coming to the handheld, but Nintendo certainly isn’t backing it up like it did back when the Wii U was floundering and the 3DS was its main money maker. Since the Switch ticks the box for portability, which has given handhelds a niche in the larger gaming market, we probably won’t see a successor to the 3DS either.

Still, it’s not as if Nintendo is going to ditch 3DS anytime soon. Production will likely continue until sales drop significantly, and for now, the 3DS is still making money. It’s also not like the 3DS is suddenly a bad buy for someone new to the platform, as it has built up a great game library over the past seven years. Despite its overall greatness, however, E3 2018 suggests that we probably shouldn’t expect it to receive much attention from Nintendo in the future.

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