Nintendo DS Games That Deserve Remasters

the Nintendo DS is one of the most popular and successful consoles of all time, being an absolute hit for the company that is still regarded with fondness to this day. The DS was jam-packed with some of the greatest video games of all time, which made maximum use of innovative game mechanics or its dual screen to allow for a brilliant experience that most consoles simply couldn’t replicate.

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However, given how unique the console was, most of the games released on this console have been lost to time. It’s a shame because the console has been positively endowed with amazing video games that deserve to be enjoyed by the modern generation as well. Here are some of the greatest Nintendo DS games that should be remastered so that more people can once again experience the magic of these titles.

ten Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective

Ghost Trick Ghost Detective

ghost stuff is easily one of the most underrated games in the DS library by a country mile. Shu Takumi is a master at crafting unique mysteries, and ghost stuff This is where his passion for the medium of video games quite shines indeed.

The mastermind behind the brilliant Ace Attorney series delivers a brilliant supernatural mystery where a man attempts to uncover the mystery behind his death. The incredible mystery that is at the heart of ghost stuff is one of the main reasons why people love this game with all their hearts.


9 The Legend of Zelda: Ghost Hourglass

ghost hourglass

The Legend of Zelda has been blessed with truly amazing games that push the boundaries of innovation and dungeon crawling. While several games in the series have been quite notable and celebrated in their own right, a slew of games on the handheld have been unfairly overlooked.

Such a title is The Legend of Zelda: Ghost Hourglass, which is considered an underrated masterpiece by many Zelda Fans. The game is a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed game Wind Waker, which should ideally be enough of a selling point to convince more people to get into this amazing series.

8 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown War

Sony PSP Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Tank Attack

the Grand Theft Auto The series has been blessed with some amazing games, but there is one title that most people have forgotten. This title is none other than Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown War.

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There’s a reason fans are always clamoring for a remaster of this amazing handheld. Grand Theft Auto title to date. Chinatown Wars is a great title that shows why Rockstar was king of the seventh generation, with their mastery on full display in this great title.

seven rhythm heaven

Rhythm Heaven Fever Rap Minigame

Given the Nintendo DS’ emphasis on its touchscreen, it’s easy to see why so many rhythm games have made their way onto this console. One of those rhythmic titles that has unfortunately been forgotten is rhythm heaven.

rhythm heaven is an underrated gem on DS that deserves more love. The fact that this game hasn’t even been released for mobile platforms is nothing short of a crime!

6 Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels of the Starry Sky

Dragon Quest 9

the dragon quest The series is jam-packed with great games that will keep players busy for hours. Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels of the Starry Sky no exception to this golden rule.

Too bad this game is limited to the portable console since Dragon Quest 9 is a brilliant entry that was unfortunately overshadowed by later games in the series. Gamers who want to play a classic JRPG with great mechanics should definitely check this game out, although it’s a shame the game wasn’t released on other consoles later.

5 Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Hotel Twilight Room 215

A unique point-and-click adventure with a brilliant art style to boot, lots of praise can be sung Hotel Dusk: Room 215. The Nintendo DS has been blessed with amazing mystery titles, and Hotel Dusk is no exception.

It’s a shame that more people aren’t talking about this underrated title. Perhaps that narrative could be reversed if the game receives a well-deserved remaster… but that seems like a pipe dream at this point.

4 Sonic Rush

Sonic Rush

the Sonic franchise has had its fair share of ups and downs over time. While a lot of people love to hate the franchise, there are several great games that end up getting less attention than they should, with Sonic Rush being a prime example of the same.

Sonic Rush should have been a game people had been talking about for generations, but the game ended up being just another chapter in the Sonic frankness after a point. With a remaster, more people could experience the brilliance of Sonic Rush in the modern generation.

3 Final Fantasy 4

Victory position with the main group of Final Fantasy IV

The remake of Final Fantasy 4 on the DS makes for one of the greatest JRPG experiences on the handheld. Final Fantasy 4The 3D remake of was clearly made with a lot of love, and it shows in the details of this title.

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The game is known for its difficulty and allows for a refreshing change of pace from the usually easy JRPGs that were present on this platform. Final Fantasy 4 is a brilliant title on its own, and its 3D remake makes the game even better…although it’s a shame this game hasn’t been remastered for modern systems.

2 Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Dry Bowser in Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

the mario The franchise has branched out into multiple genres, with the character also being featured extensively in RPGs. Most of the games in this series have been quite good, with Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story being another brilliant chapter in the series.

Bowser’s Inside Story was a critical and commercial success on all levels. However, for some reason, the game didn’t get any love from later generations, which is such a shame.

1 Elite beat agents

Elite beat agents

Another rhythm game that gamers absolutely loved on the Nintendo DS was Elite beat agents. This sleek title made the most of the DS touchscreen to enable a memorable experience that most games struggle to replicate to this day.

The game has always kept things interesting with its surprisingly nuanced gameplay and amazing art style. The fact that more people aren’t looking back fondly on this title is a shame, and a remaster could certainly turn heads again for this game and its underrated brilliance.

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