Nintendo DS Lite may have originally allowed you to play DS games on your TV


The Nintendo DS Lite apparently had a secret feature that allows gamers to project the Nintendo DS top screen onto a TV.

The original discovery was made by “Lost Nintendo History” which is “a team of people aiming to uncover and restore the secrets of Nintendo software and hardware” and recently shared on Twitter by a Nintendo fan / YouTuber. @ Beta64Official.

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According to the original Lost Nintendo History post, the team “discovered that the Nintendo DS Lite had some functionality left in its SoC (System-on-Chip) allowing it to easily have inexpensive hardware video output.” This feature allowed the handheld console to project its top screen onto a TV. The hacking team was able to restore this functionality with “a little bit of circuitry and some software hacks, we were able to […] make it usable for anyone.

The feature was initially disabled when starting up the console and only worked on the Nintendo DS Lite. This means that the original launch DS, DSi and 3DS are all unable to restore this functionality. The Lost Nintendo History team have also provided a guide for fans who wish to try it out for themselves. via their GitHub account.

This find is interesting not only because we can now imagine what it might have been like to play Pokemon Diamond / Pearl, Brain Training or Cooking Mama this way – but it also gives us a taste of the handheld + TV. from Nintendo. plans long before the release of the Wii U or Nintendo Switch.

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