Nintendo DS recreated via foldable phone and emulator

Someone recently turned their foldable phone into a Nintendo DS through emulation. Nintendo fans have always been some of the most creative gamers. Not only do they find ways to show their passion for Nintendo and its IPs outside of games via cosplay and even real-life versions of Mario Kart, but they also manage to find ways to bring Nintendo games to other platforms. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have made their way to PC via emulation and it looks like a fan has found a clever way to replicate the Nintendo DS on another device.

Tech YouTuber Izzy Nobre realized that his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 could be used to emulate a Nintendo DS, so he fired up a Pokemon game and it worked as expected. Using the foldable phone gave him a similar experience to the Nintendo DS, but Nobre noted that he thought the Nintendo handheld was the best way to play games like these. He also noted that the emulator he used is Drastic, which shows the actual exterior of a DS so he doesn’t just use the screen exclusively for gameplay. Even though the current Nintendo DS is the better option, it’s still great to see the same functionality a DS would have on a mobile phone.

Since the Nintendo DS isn’t exactly relevant anymore, it’s good to know that there are still ways to play its games on the go in a fun and somewhat effective way. The Z Fold3 is an extremely expensive phone, so it would be cheaper to just buy a Nintendo DS online and play it that way, but for those with the foldable phone, it’s a nice bonus. It looks like the Nintendo Switch will be the way of the future for Nintendo, so DS fans probably won’t see a successor any time soon.

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