Nintendo DS transformed into a Gameboy macro


Nintendo’s Game Boy line was the world’s most popular handheld game console, but had its drawbacks. Most notably, the Game Boy did not receive a color backlit LCD display until the Game Boy Advance SP launched in 2003. Of course, you can still make your own Game Boy that fixes that and other flaws, and That’s what [JoshuaGuess] made with this Gameboy Macro version.

The build ends as a larger version of the Game Boy Micro, the final version of the Game Boy range.

The build is based on a Nintendo DS Lite, one of Nintendo’s latest dual-screen handhelds. In this version, the top screen is removed and completely removed. The motherboard is then hacked with resistance on some test points to allow it to still boot with the top missing. The bottom half shell is then expertly modified with epoxy clay and paint to hide the original hinge and give a clean finished aesthetic.

The end result is essentially a larger version of the Game Boy Micro, the latest handheld in the Game Boy line. It also has the advantage of a larger, brighter screen compared to virtually any Game Boy ever made. The only thing to note is that DS hardware can only play Game Boy Advance games, not previous 8-bit titles.

It’s a fun build and shows that you don’t have to throw a Raspberry Pi into everything to have a good time. It can also be fun, however. If you end up building the Game Boy Nano or Game Boy Giga, please let us know. Make sure to include measurements to indicate how it’s scaled in SI units relative to the Game Boy Micro itself.

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