Nintendo Game Boy Color accessory reportedly added internet and email

Plans for the PageBoy, an eventually discontinued Game Boy Color add-on, have been revealed after being kept under wraps for more than two decades.

A recently discovered – and ultimately shelved – nintendo The Game Boy Color accessory would have added wireless functions like Internet, email and picture messaging and more to the game console. Nintendo’s handheld Game Boy and Game Boy Color were revolutionary when they debuted in the 1980s and 1990s. This is partly due to their lower price and longer battery life compared to other devices of the time. This revolutionary spirit has been extended to add-ons for devices, and now a finally scrapped idea for an add-on has been discovered after being kept secret for more than two decades.


In the early 1990s, an add-on for Game Boy called WorkBoy was developed by Source Research and Development. This multifunctional keyboard add-on aimed to bring some form of personal digital assistant to Nintendo’s game console. Although prototypes for the WorkBoy were created, this device never made it to market as it was considered too risky an investment once it was discovered that Nintendo was planning to lower the price of its Game console. Boy. Eventually Nintendo’s WorkBoy add-on was discontinued in 1993. However, the idea so impressed inventor Eddie Gill that he decided to create his own version of a Game Boy add-on in the spirit of the WorkBoy .

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YouTuber DidYouKnowGaming? released a new video detailing the interesting history of the canceled Game Boy Color expansion called PageBoy. Gill drew up plans for a Game Boy Color add-on based on the idea of ​​communication in 1997. This add-on allowed Game Boy users to have wireless access to functions such as email, navigation on the web and picture messaging. The use of these applications has been achieved through radio waves with similar frequencies used by two-way pagers. Due to this similarity, the add-on was dubbed PageBoy. Wizard, the group that developed the PageBoy, pitched the idea to Nintendo in 1999. The PageBoy allowed users to continue playing Game Boy Color games because the add-on fit into the cartridge slot of the Game Boy Color . Although its main feature was two-way messaging, other features included access to world news and weather and a sort of early version of Nintendo Direct called Game Boy. “Live.” Additionally, the PageBoy only required two AA batteries and even had its own memory.

Minoru Arakawa, the founder and president of Nintendo of America at the time, expressed an immediate interest in the PageBoy and opened an internal investigation at Nintendo to see how they could bring the product to market. Nintendo agreed to work directly with Wizard, making the PageBoy an in-house created first-party add-on for the Game Boy line. What initially sold Nintendo on the PageBoy was its potential as a product for an international audience that loves the Game Boy Color. However, over time, we realized that, from a technical point of view, its potential was not as strong as we initially thought. Since there were no cost-effective duplex wireless data networks spanning Europe and Japan in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the PageBoy would realistically only be available in South America. North. This fact went against the main appeal of Nintendo and the PageBoy: the fact that a device should be universally available. With a restriction on the markets, the PageBoy could not achieve the massive community connection that Wizard and Nintendo envisioned. Thus, the PageBoy was permanently discontinued in 2002.

Although Nintendo eventually shelved the PageBoy, many of its concepts later found their way into devices over the years. For example, the Wii added news and weather channels, and even PageBoy’s “Anytime,where” slogan was adapted for Nintendo Switch. Even though the PageBoy wasn’t meant to be, nintendo fans can appreciate the legacy of the obscure add-on.

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Source: DidYouKnowGaming?/YouTube

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