Nintendo Game Boy Color is an air conditioning remote control


Those of you familiar with portable consoles from the 1990s may recall that Nintendo’s Game Boy Color had an infrared receiver and transmitter. The idea of ​​a handheld computer with infrared capabilities interests [jg], who immediately set out to convert it to a remote control for an air conditioner.

The Game Boy does not have a dedicated infrared remote control hardware, instead the IR diodes appear to be connected to the I / O lines. Thus, the bit stream must be interrupted and takes the full attention of the processor while transmitting. The software is carefully placed on a reprogrammed bootleg cartridge.

It’s an interesting read in terms of a reverse engineering approach, for example finding the parameters of a 37kHz infrared remote control by trial and error rather than a quick read on the subject, or researching information about them. national air conditioners and find nothing, but do not search for the National brand realized that a research on Panasonic air conditioners would probably yield all the necessary information. But the end result makes the device work, so it is good to register a success.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Game Boy control something, although we don’t remember seeing another using IR. Need a brilliant preview of the Game Boy? We have what you need.

Thank you [Roel] for the tip.

Header Image: Evan-Amos / Public domain.

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