Nintendo Mass Effect first-person Corsair game canceled due to tech costs


Mark Darrah talks about Mass Effect: Corsair.

There was a first person Mass Effect spin-off planned for the Nintendo DS, but it was unfortunately canceled due to technical and financial difficulties. BioWare’s expansive sci-fi RPG series is best known for its main entries, which follow the three-part story of Commander Shepard and the ever-changing Normandy crew as they fight to save the Way. the threat of the Reapers.

From Mass Effect spinoff games, however, were short lived Mass effect galaxy, a top-down mobile shooter that told the story of Mass effect 2 teammates Jacob Taylor and Miranda Lawson before meeting Shepard, and Mass Effect Infiltrator, a third-person shooter that put players in the role of a Cerberus agent named Randall Ezno in the build-up to 2012’s Mass effect 3. These titles were relatively small in scale, but it turns out that BioWare had a much more ambitious game in the works – one that sadly wasn’t meant to be.

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According to GameSpot, former BioWare programmer and executive Mark Darrah recently revealed that EA was once working on a Mass Effect spin-off for the Nintendo DS. Title Mass Effect: Corsair, it was going to be a first-person shooter where players were put in the role of “a Han Solo character, not a Specter.Darrah explained that the project was canceled due to costs because Corsair should have been “the most expensive cartridge available for the platform, which makes the potential profit margins extremely low. He also noted difficulties with the game’s flight controls, which he felt “does not have exactly matches the IP”Due to the travel operation faster than the light in the Mass Effect universe. More information can be found in MinnMaxMark Darrah’s interview on YouTube:

the Mass Effect series has been given a new lease of life in recent months with the release of Legendary Mass Effect Edition, a remastered collection of the first three games developed for modern consoles. There was also the revelation that BioWare is returning to the Milky Way galaxy in a whole new Mass Effect game, although little is currently known about it except for the return of popular teammate Liara T’soni.

The idea of ​​a first-person shooter set in the vast universe of Mass Effect The franchise is a tantalizing prospect, especially one that promised to explore the sordid parts of the Milky Way that were hinted at during Shepard’s adventure. However, financial and technical problems caused Mass Effect: Corsair would remain a dream, a brief glimpse into what might have been for Bioware’s once-dominant sci-fi RPG franchise. Perhaps with enough interest following an invigorated presentation for the franchise thanks to Legendary Edition it might still happen someday, but for now it’s another and so in a series that has partly made a name for itself by exploring exactly these storylines.

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Source: GameSpot, MinnMax / YouTube

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