Nintendo Switch OLED replenishment tracker: where to buy the new Nintendo console



Looking for a Nintendo Switch – OLED model before Black Friday? Or even before the next Christmas holidays? Well you’ve come to the right place. Not surprisingly, the demand for the new Nintendo Switch console has been very high. Already a number of retailers are struggling to keep up with the number of consumers trying to get their hands on the device, so that’s where T3 comes in.

While it doesn’t yet reach the nearly impossible heights of the PS5, for example, the Nintendo Switch – OLED model is fairly straightforward to buy … if you know where to look. With chip shortages and general production lines set to continue through 2022, it’s good to stay ahead of the curve as you never know when stock will run out for weeks (or months) of. sharp.

The official Nintendo Switch – OLED model tracker from T3 is regularly updated, however, there are a few more steps you can take to best prepare for any future downfall. Namely, keeping an eye on stock tracks (Twitter is a must), logging your information across multiple retailers so you can pay instantly and not missing a thing, as well as checking in with your local physical retailer. Why? Well, put it this way: if we had a pound for unannounced stock showing up in stores, we could probably buy a Switch stock delivery ourselves.

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