Nintendo’s gaming recommendation for testing the Switch’s OLED model

If you have an OLED on Black Friday, here are some great games to see the benefits of the enhanced screen!

Switch OLED launched last October and let’s just say the vibrancy and pop of the colors are gorgeous. The OLED Switch provides gamers with a more colorful and brighter visual display for their games. If you’re one of the countless people who bought an OLED this past Black Friday, Nintendo has put together a list of games it recommends playing in order to really put the new OLED display to the test. Among the selection are Persona 5 attackers, to the east, and Tetris Effect: Connected. For gamers who want to try out the console with an emphasis on lower, darker light settings, play games such as Dark souls and Doom 3. Both sets of games show the benefits of the new screen.

Have you played any of these suggested games on Switch OLED? Tell us in the comments what your favorite game looks like.

Source: Nintendo of America Twitter page

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